Friday, April 18, 2014

Well here I am. With Big News!

Well my sweet internet/blogging friend Lauryn has convinced me to come back and update you guys on my life. If there are any of you left I mean. I haven't blogged since well, a long time ago. December 9 actually. Because I stopped running, and changed the way I eat. So this blog will be having a content makeover. Maybe an address makeover. Because my life has gotten a makeover. 

In case you didn’t know, I’m pregnant. Twenty weeks pregnant! With our first baby. The first grand baby on BOTH sides of the family. It’s been a big deal. 

I found out 4 days after my last blog post. And then got extremely distracted and quit writing.  When I considered writing again, I knew it would have to be pregnancy based. It changes everything you do and eat. I wondered if anyone would be interested in hearing about another pregnancy. My husband thought I shouldn't quit and I think I agree. I like writing whether any one reads it or not :) 

Morning sickness kept me from running in the 1st trimester—I haven’t ran since my 10k at Thanksgiving. And I ate whatever I could keep down—not necessarily what was healthy. Now I’m eating for nutrients instead of weight loss. See how everything’s changed? I didn’t know what to write on here. I didn’t want to announce I was pregnant immediately—because what if I lost it? So I have been MIA. Sorry you guys, if you’re out there anymore. Obviously, this blog will include baby stuff and losing baby weight and all kinds of subjects that were never mentioned here before. I hope you can still find common ground with me and follow along as my family and my bump grows.  

Want to know the story? I will fill you guys in…but leave this page now if you’re sick of hearing about people’s pregnancies, babies, etc. There’s your warning!


Four scores and seven years ago, back in October 2013, after a Halloween party....

I mentioned to BJ that I think I want to adopt another dog. He was cool with it, and said after we close in our backyard fence we should look for Jeffery a buddy. Well, with how well he responded to that I brought up a question that had been in the back of my mind for a few weeks…when are we going to have babies? I had gotten a new and better (in pay, location, and work environment) job and I was turning 27 the next month and it was just on my mind. It didn’t have to be NOW I just wanted to know what kind of timeline I was looking at. He said he had been thinking of that too, and with the end of his grad school adventure in our sight…we decided to start trying in February/March 2014.  

I asked him the next day if he still felt the same, in case it was the drinks from the party talking. It wasn’t the whiskey, he still felt the same. My husband is very logical, calm and honest. So I figured he meant what he said—it just seemed too good to be true. WERE WE REALLY TALKING ABOUT BABIES?!? (eeeek!) 

I stopped taking the pill at the end of that cycle so that my body could have a few months to get back to normal. Well a couple weeks went by and while we were putting the Christmas tree up (early-mid November?) I asked him if those 3 months of waiting to try would really make a difference in the long run. We decided that no, it wouldn’t. I know that it can take months to actually get pregnant so we figured if we started to try then, we would be pregnant around the time we were hoping. 

I bought some Ovulation Predictor sticks and a box of pregnancy tests off of Amazon. November was my practice month using the ovulation things. It showed I ovulated (with a smiley face), so my body was back on track (i guess) the first month of being off the pill. I had been on the pill for over ten years, so I assumed it would take a month or two to ovulate. So that was awesome!! 

My 27th birthday was the best birthday I have ever had in my life. The free birthday drink I got at Caio Baci (birthday cake martini) came with a lit candle—so I wished I would get pregnant. That was my birthday wish. Ha. MY HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED! 

So early in December we started “trying.” No one knew, except a couple of my friends.  Not even my momma or anyone in our families—in case it took forever I didn’t want to deal with questions. 

Well the sucky thing about trying to get pregnant is waiting to take a pregnancy test. Oh my geez, you have to wait like 2 weeks after the “optimal time” for baby making for a test to show whether you’re pregnant. I see how that could drive a girl crazy. Month after month in limbo. 
Smiley means you're ovulating! 

Fortunately, I only had to go through that once, because on Friday December 13, I took a test that showed a VERY VERY faint line. Silly me immediately takes a pic and texts it to my husband, right before he takes a final at grad school. Like literally 10-15 minutes before a pharmacotherapy final exam. Smart one Samantha. 

Also silly me, I thought that since it wasn’t a dark line that it meant maybe I wasn’t pregnant.  I told BJ I wasn’t sure, and that I would test again. 

So Friday night and Saturday morning I took more tests. As I was waiting for the one to develop Saturday morning I read the side of the box that said “A FAINT LINE IS A POSITIVE RESULT.” 

Oh shit. 

Birthday wish granted. ha!

So I lined all of my *positive* tests up in the guest bathroom, circled that phrase on the box and laid it next to them…kept BJ from going in there (he tried) and then went…rather RAN….into my closet in my bedroom where I had hidden a coffee mug I had made for when I needed to tell BJ we were pregnant. At the bottom of the mug I had written “we’re pregnant.” 

So then I pour him coffee in this cup and sit down at the kitchen table and WAIT PATIENTLY FOR HIM TO FINISH HIS DANG COFFEE. It was the slowest he’s ever drank coffee in his life. It could have gone faster if he had used an eye dropper to drink it….ok that’s an exaggeration. But damn it was slow. I was bursting. 

So I’m trying to pretend like nothing is happening, making conversation. I ask him something, and look up because he’s not answering and he is rotating the coffee cup around so he can read it. Silence. 

The look on his face y’all. I tear up just thinking about it. I told him he could go in the guest bath now, so he went to see all my positive tests and the box laying next to them with the words “A FAINT LINE IS A POSITIVE RESULT” circled. 

The usual happened: crying, hugging, disbelief, etc. It’s the best memory. 

On Sunday I took the other pregnancy tests I had left (might as well, right?) The digital ones aren't as sensitive so I saved those to use last. Even on the day it had the lowest accuracy, it registered pregnant.

Then we had to keep it a secret for a couple of weeks, which was HARD. I just knew when my mom saw me she would somehow just ‘know.’ She always figured secrets out, so of course she’d know! Well she didn’t. We kept the secret. It was probably one of my best accomplishments to date, keeping that secret. 

I guess I was just in shock for most of that time, it literally took us one cycle to get pregnant. I just knew it wasn’t going to be that easy. I am so grateful and so excited!!! And here I am, present day, half way through it! I’m dreading the summer heat here in Arkansas, but I’m so happy that I have been healthy and that the baby is healthy. I have honestly never seen my husband happier. We love our jobs (I guess he has grad school, not a 
‘job’), we cherish our marriage and love our home we have made, we love our puppy, and now we’re adding to all that happiness with a baby! 


There you go guys. That’s where I’ve been. In pregnancy land. If you’re still with me, thank you for reading. 


Christy said...

Congratulations! Your world is about to change for the good!

Lauryn Roth said...

YAY~!!!! I am sooo happy you blogged!!!! So thrilled to know more about sweet baby Girl!!! Girl time is going to fly!!! I am so excited for you and i cant wait to hear more, see the nursery (hopefully u will share it with us!!!) and I know you and BJ will be great parents!

Melissa @ Faster In Water said...

Awe congratulations, girl! So happy for you two - soon to be three! :)