Wednesday, December 4, 2013

well hey there

Long time no blog! 
Sorry dudes.

Thanksgiving hit and then I guess I just wasn't in the habit anymore. My bad! I'll try and do better. 

I've got lots of photos for you guys! Because lots has happened. 

We spent Thanksgiving weekend at my parents house in Stuttgart. BJ sliced up our family turkey. 

^^That's his first time using one of those electric knives. He did a great job. I mean I guess he did.  I didn't really eat any turkey but I didn't hear any complaints about the way it was sliced. ;) 

The afternoon before my first 10k (black friday afternoon) we went on a short run to try out my new shoes BJ got me for my birthday. We did a 2.5 mile walk/jog around the neighborhood. 

My new running kicks! Brooks Pure Cadence 2.
I probably should've ran more on these shoes beforehand, but it just didn't work out that way. Burning 400 calories the day after Thanksgiving felt good. Like physically, it made the stuffed feeling go away. 

Other than my mother making comments about how much food I was eating, it was a great trip. And lets be honest…if that's all that happened during a 2 night/3 day stay at my parents then that is a MIRACLE. 

I brought BJ out to the Wings over the Prairie Festival downtown. The "World Championship Duck Calling Contest" was not going on though, so it was a little dead. Its Stuttgart, so I guess that's expected. Everyone was probably out getting drunk on dirt roads. 

Me and BJ on Friday night!

Then the next morning was my first 10k. It was a learning experience. 

First, I have never gone this far. The furthest I've ran was 5.09 miles like 2 weeks before this race. Second, I figured out that races that aren't to raise money for charity only attracts real runners, the kind that care about their time. 

I was literally in last place some of this race.  I finished second to last, in 1:26 ish. But I finished! And that was the point. I think it's humorous I was at the very end. At first I felt so disappointed, but I got over that pretty quick.  I was doing this 10k for the mileage practice, not to win a medal. 

Here's some of the data from that run: 

I actually ran this faster than any of the longer mileage runs I've done. Usually I average a 14-15 minute mile the entire time. I'm also usually talking to BJ though, almost non-stop, so that is probably why I was a little quicker this time. 

It sucked running without him. It was psychologically messing with me. He's always there--next to me or slightly in front of me and then all of a sudden in this race I was alone and at first I did not like that. At all. He was waiting for me close to the finish line though, and ran the last tiny bit with me, which made my heart burst with happiness I think. :) 

My mom has some pictures of me crossing the finish line on her camera, maybe I can get her to email them to me. 

I was severely sore after the 10K. Like, limping while getting groceries. Having trouble standing up from the couch. My hips were awful, my ankle was janked up. I think it was because of the different shoes. Whatever it was, it was an awful running hangover. Sunday and Monday I moved like a 105 year old lady. 
Tonight I have a Christmas party at my work, cocktail attire will be worn. I'll try and get some photos for y'all. I have a gyno appointment on Friday that I really hope gets cancelled (due to sleet) because I hate going. And this weekend we are redoing our laundry room!! I'm adding in a shelf over the washer and dryer like I've seen on pinterest. I'm real excited about it. If it's not cold as balls maybe my husband will put some Christmas lights on the house :) 

Hope y'alls Thanksgiving was relaxing!! Happy December!!! 

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Melissa @ Faster In Water said...

Wow, 10k is awesome. Great job girl!