Monday, December 9, 2013

Arkansas is Frozen

For reals y'all.

Thursday night/Friday morning it started to sleet. It like, stormed sleet. So Friday me and BJ stayed home for our FIRST snow day!!!


He's always worked at a hospital, so there was never a snow day to be had with him. Stupid hospitals :) kidding.

Thursday night we went and got a few groceries, ate a cheeseburger, and prepared to be stuck without electricity for a few days. (our power randomly goes out when its sunny and 72* outside, so I just assumed we would be without it.) We never lost power, so it was actually a fun 3 days!

Friday we were LAZY.  The kind of lazy you think about for a snow day. I made some potato soup, we watched The Office, oh and I baked cookies (do you see a pattern? Cheeseburger…cookies…)

Saturday after being lazy and watching the claymation Rudolph...we got stuff done around the house. We cleaned some, and then we got in DIY mode. Earlier in the week I bought some paint to redo our laundry room, and a slab of wood to use as a shelf. I'm going to stain it and mount it above the washer and dryer. Pinterest style. (My BFF did this in hers and it looks solo good)

So we painted the laundry room (picture to come, after the shelves are stained hung). We couldn't stain the wood shelves because of the ice…cars had to stay in the garage! And then after painting the laundry room we decided to go ahead and paint the guest bathroom. It needed a fresh coat! I can't wait to get those shelves up in the laundry room. I keep thinking about it.

Sunday we rearranged the living room and moved some furniture out of the front bedroom so it can be repainted while BJ is on school vacay this month. And watched more of The Office. And some Christmas movies:

Flannel jammies in the background :)

Today I didn't have to be at work until 10 and BJ didn't have school until noon, because this:

That's a half inch of solid ice on our STEEP drive way. BJ had reverse parked my car in the garage Thursday night so he just drove out. The interstates were patchy. Definitely glad he was driving. I have to stay at work late tonight to wait on him to pick me up, but it's definitely worth it. 

And in case you wanna see some adorable babies, here's me and my sister circa 1988/89 

Stay warm you guys. 

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