Thursday, November 14, 2013

Some things I wish I knew at 20 years old

At 20 ish years old I was in college at UCA (University of Central Arkansas in Conway) and I thought I was becoming a grown up.

Now I know not only was I wrong, I was also an idiot.

So here are a few things I wish I had known:

  1. That guy you meet right before your 21st birthday is not meant to be your husband. Don't decide to love him, he's a skeeze. The least you can do is DON'T SAY YES when he pops the question.  There's a great guy waiting for you just a few years away. Yes I said years*, no it's not that far away. (*see number three)
  2. If for some reason you can't obey number one, please don't go back to him after you already dumped him. He's kind of a tool, and really show his ass during this part of your life. Try and keep it together after this blows up in your face. You are not alone, you are not worthless, you are not unlovable. Just because one guy tried to crush you doesn't mean you should let him. 
  3. Try and not be so impatient. It's for the best. 
  4. It is okay to love art history, and major in it.  Just be aware that the economy won't really have any art history related jobs for you when you get done with school. It's cool. You can still love it. 
  5. Those girls that are in the sorority you quit, well Samantha, they suck. Don't let them make you feel self conscious, don't let them make you feel like a quitter.  Sororities aren't for everyone, especially normal people like you.
  6. Quit eating fast food.
  7. No seriously, reread number 6. You need to quit that shit so that your 25-26 year old self doesn't have to lose 30 lbs just to feel normal again. 
  8. You will be better off right now if you realize that "adults" are no better at doing life than you are. Their decisions don't have some grand thought process behind them and their age doesn't make them any more qualified at judging your decisions. (except there are some you should listen to, and still some you shouldn't. Take everything with a grain of salt) 
  9. Sometimes family members suck. I said it! Get ready to get let down and disappointed. Your parents will disappoint you. You will be lied to. They will be rude to your momma and ruin your sister's outlook on life. They will say and do ALL THE WRONG THINGS, and you probably won't get an apology. The ones that are aching to leave,  let them leave. It's okay to have a broken heart, you did all you could to make them stay.
  10. You should try some red wine. Really, you might like it…instead of waiting like 5 years and deciding you like it while in Rome. Doing what the Romans do. 
  11. Denim skirts are totally not cute.  I know they're a fad, but seriously. Just don't.
  12. Also those flip flops with the cloth strips tied on them? Again, just don't. 
  13. The best decision you can make right now is to adopt Jeffery.* So when you bring him home and your dad asks you "What have you done?" just laugh and tell him you've made one of the best decisions of your life. (If you're new here, Jeffery is my dog. Not a human) 
  14. Quit that job at Merle Norman. ASAP. If your paycheck coming back out of your checking account ----because the boss's account didn't have money for payroll in it---- didn't tell you enough already, that is not a place where you want to work. Even for that awesome discount. 
  15. It's okay that you lost your "bff" Emily when you quit alpha sig. She wasn't really the best thing for you anyway. I promise. Amy either. But you should've known that then anyway--she was easier to figure out. Emily, that was tougher. Just don't worry. You'll meet a couple of girls at a job the guy in number one ^ found in the newspaper, and you'll be friends with them for years and years to come. So try to not feel so lost. 
  16. Uhmmmmm maybe try and get away from all that blonde mess of hair. Eventually your hair gets too blonde and you have this come to Jesus moment when you need low lights. Just, take care of that now. It'll save you time and money later. 
  17. How are you getting by with drinking basically no water?  You should probably drink less Starbucks, and more water. At least one glass a day Sam! Come on. No idea how your body functioned.  
  18. Enjoy being young, in school and unmarried.  Having a job and a husband is amazing, but that will come very soon!! Right now your parents still help you with bills and clothes and groceries….and car repairs...and you have your whole life ahead of  you still!! You'll end up missing these college days some day. 

That's all the advice for my 20 ish year old self I could think of. I'm turning 27 next week, and I really can't believe how much my life has changed since I finished college in Conway in 2009. It's been wonderful and fulfilling. There was a time there right before I graduated when  I was going through a bad depression, with no self esteem combined with a shit ton of embarrassment. I was so ready to leave that town. So I moved to Memphis, alone, for grad school.  When I was away from everyone, I finally started feeling like myself again. Odd.  And after that was finally happening, I met my now-husband. I got my master's degree. Started my career. And learned a lot about myself through my husband and my marriage. I'm happy. It's been a long time coming, but I am finally there. Enjoying life!

Thanks for reading. I hope y'alls week is going well :)

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Lauryn Roth said...

I love it!! What a great idea!!! Man would I have a LOT of things to tell myself LOL!!