Monday, November 4, 2013

Cloudy Monday! And a fun weekend.

This weekend was hella fun! My BFF's Amy and Kelly came over to my house (with their husbands) and we hung out. It's the first time I've had people over to our house (other than family). We had wine and Mexican food and the boys watched football.

Kelly and her husband had tire trouble on their way to my town, and we ended up loading up in Amy's car to go and help.  Mingers and Griffins to the rescue!!!

My superman husband changed the tire, and accidentally lifted the car, therefore saving the day (night?).

I'm positive he doesn't know his own strength! I'm the safest girl in Arkansas y'all, don't mess with me. My husband can lift cars. 

I should've taken some pictures. All I took a picture of was where Amy and Kelly wrote on my "I love you because…" board because it was blank.

Kelly saw how it was blank and said, "Well it doesn't look like much is going on around here." hahaha

So Amy wrote "you can lift cars" and Kelly wrote "& bake yummy cupcakes and tacos" (I'm guessing that part was to me…since BJ didn't make either of those goodies…) 

Today is a cloudy chilly Monday and I'm a little under the weather! I was supposed to get 3 miles in yesterday, my first mileage run of my 13.1 training, but I was feeling reeeeeaaalllly shitty yesterday and didn't run.

Then I realized I have a 5k this Saturday and a 10k on November 30. EFF. Better get my puny ass in gear. 

Wearing a cozy gray piko top today, and some heels I got at Target which  I LOVE. I have them in black too. 

^Target shoes, $25 ish

Fall is such a busy month!! My momma's birthday is tomorrow (Tuesday), BJ has a pharmacotherapy exam Wednesday, Thursday night there's an event at the non-profit I work at (with an open bar, right when I'm cutting back on the liquor! Which, side note, I've cut back to only drinking on the weekends and it's worked out fine so far!)  Friday BJ has a bowling thing with his school we may (or may not?) go to, and Saturday morning we have a 5k, and Saturday night I think we might be going out to eat with some of BJ's classmates.

So basically...we're busy.

I'll try and up my posts from the one-a-week that has been happening the past few weeks. My bad! I think I'm just now adjusting to my new job, new schedule, and new commuting routine. 

SOMEONE please help me GET MY ASS IN GEAR with my running situation. I literally got scared when I realized 6.2 miles was happening at the end of this month. That's longer than I've ever ran. Ever. :| 

Guess I better hit the treadmill tonight, with my snotty nose, and a box of Kleenexes. 

Later y'all. 

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