Friday, October 11, 2013

Weekend Plans

If you want me to be honest, which I would assume you do, I couldn't think of anything to write about today. With learning my new job and getting into a new routine I have sort of let my posting slip. Sorry y'all.

But, I figured I would recap my week and talk about this upcoming weekend.

This past week was really uneventful. I ran on Monday, lifted weights on Tuesday, and went out to eat with my husband on Wednesday, and then Thursday was a cluster.... 

I had a headache like, all night Wednesday night. Not sure why I never fully woke up and took something, but anytime I moved my head it just throbbed and hurt. So at 630 BJ got me some Excedrin migraine, and by 7 when I couldn't even tell I had taken anything I took some Rx migraine meds I have for this situation....I had never taken this kind before. (my insurance wouldn't cover what I usually take, so last time I got it filled I had to try something different. I was taking Maxalt, now I have generic Immitrex). 

Bad idea! I felt drunk. The awful kind where you don't want to move your body and you feel nauseous...But it's too soon to go calling in sick! So I went in anyway. After some time and some coffee and my wonderful understanding coworkers, I felt better soon and only felt a little foggy the rest of the day. 

Needless to say I didn't workout that day. I came home, ate dinner, and slept on the couch for like 2 hours before moving to the bed to sleep some more!

I felt normal this morning though, so at least there's that. This week hasn't been a total fail where eating/working out is concerned. I wasn't the best, but it was a definite improvement from weeks prior. 

Today I am not working out. The Griffin family is headed to Stuttgart to help my mom prepare for my grandmother's 80th birthday party which is tomorrow, and we have a 5k in the I'll be getting a run in then.

So here's my plans after 5:30 pm today:

1 Pick up flowers from Sam's for party 
2 Go home and get my husband and puppy
3 Go to Stuttgart 


1 Run a 5k at 9 am (it's in our town, so no driving/finding the place required. awesome) 
2 Get showered 
3 Go to Des Arc and decorate for my grandma's birthday party
4 Hang out at party 
5 Clean up and go home 


1 Groceries 
2 Pay bills
3 Go see the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra with my husband 

Another busy weekend! October is always a busy month, I remember thinking last year that I was too busy. I didn't understand why everything had to be in October. But it does. Every year. 

MY BEST FRIEND'S BIRTHDAY IS NEXT MONDAY. I have an event for work next week, a hair appointment and a Halloween party next Saturday, a wedding the next weekend....and then my half marathon training begins. 

I'm feeling a little scattered. I tried syncing my work/personal/running calendars to my phone today and that almost put me in the loony bin. Ask my husband how many f bombs I dropped with that :) 

Anyway, I'm getting a better grip on my new schedule and I'm counting calories again. I'm drinking water and trying to be a good girl. Hopefully I can keep this up. I'm wanting to be in the 140s by my birthday (November 22) and I'm at 160-162 ish right now. So basically I need to lose like 13 pounds to hit that goal. Even if I don't get all the way down to 149---I'd still like to be well on my way there. 

Thanks for reading my scattered post about my mundane busy life. I hope your weekend isn't as busy as mine and I hope you enjoy it immensely. I'll try and post better next week. 

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Lauryn Roth said...

sounds like a crazy month girl! i hate headaches too they make me want to just lay down and cover my eyes lol glad u are feeling better!