Monday, October 28, 2013

Saw Some Old Friends

I'll start with a weekend recap.

Friday night we went out to eat with my sister-in-law and her husband. We got there early to get our name down for a table because, since it's the restaurant with the only real bar in town, it seems to get pretty crowded.

I live in a dry county if y'all didn't know. 

I am cutting back on liquor, and decided this weekend would be my last hurrah. 

So I had one martini. I know, I got pretty crazy during my last hurrah. 

Then all four of us went back to our house to watch the first two episodes of THE WALKING DEAD. Because it's awesome. 

Actually it wasn't. I had already seen the first episode so I read a book while they watched it, and the second episode....well...nothing really happened. So that was kind of a let down. They need to find some money to help with the special effects too---bludgeoning zombies on that show looks like a video game. 

Anyway. Saturday we got up and went to Walmart for some groceries and Home Depot for a thing for BJ to fix our toilet. Then we went home and packed a bag to spend the night at my parents house. We loaded up the dog and headed to Stuttgart. 

A high school friend of mine got married Saturday night in my old church, where me and BJ got hitched. It was kind of nice going back and seeing a wedding there.

The reception was at a different location, because there was champagne. (and beer the groomsmen sneaked in). And the church is Baptist. You see the issue here. 

This is where I saw some old friends!! The girl in the front was my BFF for years and years when we were younger. I miss her a lot. She'e hilarious. And I'm still jealous of her hair 20 years later. (kind of just freaked myself out, I've known someone for 20 years? wth.) We lived around the corner from each other. Then there's the girl in the pink, who I've known since elementary school-ish (we were in the same dance class). And the girl in the back in the glasses lived near me too! I've known her since kindergarten. 

I'll be honest, I've avoided things like this for awhile because I knew I was chunky. You don't want to see people for the first time in 5-8 years and the only thing they notice is "wow she got big." Luckily I'm down to my normal weight so I didn't feel self conscious. It was a great feeling.

Obviously I wasn't worried about my weight at all, since I tried every kind of cake they had :) hahaha --see photo below

I'm a cake girl. Had to try all the flavors! I only had like one bite of each, anyway. Bj tried them too so I didn't look too cray. There was peanut butter, chocolate chip, italian cream, and then the grooms cake was chocolate/chocolate. 

There was enough cake left over to cater to a whole 'nother it wasn't like there was a shortage. I didn't hog all of it promise!! (seriously, the left over cake was the size of me and BJ's actual cake)

It was a GORGEOUS reception. Such a fun event. BJ didn't seem too miserable either. :)

Here's all of us with the bride! 

Had 3-4 glasses of champagne while I was there. Last hurrah, right? 

Anyway. After the wedding we just stayed at my parents house so it wasn't too late of a night for us. Sunday morning the usual happened when my family got together, and me and BJ couldn't get home fast enough :)  We left my dog there, because he didn't seem to want to go home with us. And why would he? They have an acre-ish of land for a backyard (fenced in) and my sister's lab Beck lives it's a good opportunity for him to socialize and get some exercise in. 

I will miss him though!!! My parents are dropping him off next Sunday. It's going to be a quiet week.

Today it's cool and foggy and I decided to curl up in this sweater all day. 

Bathroom pictures are so awkward to me. I don't see how people take "good" photos of themselves in a restroom mirror. ha. obvi example of that ^ 

Hopefully I'm pulling off the "cute slouchy" instead of just looking like a slouch :) I got some highlights in my hair, can y'all tell? 

Half marathon training starts this week! It looks like this: 

Tuesday Oct 29 -30 minute run
Thursday Oct 31-25 minute run
Friday Nov 1- Easy walk
Sunday Nov 3- 3 miles 

Happy Monday y'all. Make good decisions!! 

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Lauryn Roth said...

love the sweater! I love weddings, you just HAVE to have cake at them!! :) What a great weekend!!