Monday, October 14, 2013

Its a brand new week!

Here's my version of the bathroom selfie, in my hot pink piko top. I obviously need some practice--selfies aren't something I'm good at. It would help if I didn't usually look like a spaz in photos though! haha :) I've got on black skinny denim and some black booties. And dangly earrings. Fancy fancy. top is wrinkly, but hey....I'm a recovering slouch-a-holic so I think I should get a free pass. It's been nice wearing real clothes to work. I come home and don't feel like a bum like I used to in my uniform top. I bet my hubs likes it too.

Speaking of him, he came up with an awesome date for us! Sunday afternoon we went to the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra to a "Halloween Spooktacular" and it was so much fun. 

We met R2D2 in the lobby. 

And a lot of audience members wore halloween costumes. ALL of the orchestra did, which made watching them fun. They played music from Harry Potter, Star Wars, Edward Scissor Hands, Thriller, Pirates of the Caribbean and a scary Fantasia song from a Disney thing me and my sister would watch when we were little. It was awesome! I loved it even more that it was BJ's idea. 

We made our weekly grocery trip and I picked up some tea: 

I'm excited to try the honey vanilla kind, because I've recently discovered honey-vanilla lattes (with soy milk) and they're awesome. I never thought honey and coffee flavors would go together, but I love it!! 

My grandma's 80th birthday party was Saturday night! Here's me and my sister, and me and Beej. 

It was a lot of fun, and my grandma was so happy. It made my heart happy to see her so excited. 

Our 5K that was scheduled for Saturday morning --well--it wasn't cancelled but it should have been. It was storming (lightening and everything) so we didn't do it. Some people still did, which I think is crazy. 

Sooooo I didn't exercise all weekend or eat well or anything really. *story of my life lately* 

I had a significant thought this morning on my way to work though, about weight loss, so I'll have to post about that tomorrow. (after rereading that sentence I laughed out loud. It sounds like I discovered something invaluable to society...hahaha so not the case) 

In other news, I ordered a chair for my office: 

OMG so excited. It's supposed to come in tomorrow, and I'll be sure to post a photo or two. 
Anyway lovelies, have a good Monday.

And Amy, if you're reading this, Happy freaking birthday my dear. You're the best friend a gal could ask for and you deserve to have a marvelous birthday!! 

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Lauryn Roth said...

Awww u are just the cutest!!!! I love the shirt and the chair!!!