Thursday, October 3, 2013

Im not dead. Just dead on my feet.

I started my new job on Monday and I don't feel like I've really sat down since! 

Monday after work I shopped for some cubicle/office decorations.
Tuesday night I made cupcakes for my Grandma's birthday--for her to bring to the Senior Citizen's Center where she quilts. 
Wednesday night me and the hubs went to Des Arc immediately after work to eat dinner with her for her birthday (she turned 80!!) and my parents/sister/aunt/cousin. 
And here we are at Thursday. Tonight we have no plans, except BJ has to study for a Pharmacology test he has tomorrow. 

I am so ready for Sunday. I wont get to sit still really until then.

Tomorrow I will be working late, I have a work-dinner. Saturday morning I need to be back at work at 7 am for a workshop and I'll stay until around 10-11. Then we have a wedding to go to, where I need to stack the wedding cake tiers. While I hold my breath.

Then, I have Sunday, where nothing will happen except for maybe some grocery shopping and for sure some sleeping in. 

As for food this week, I have bombed at making good choices or even counting calories. The only exercise I've done besides being on my feet a lot at work was 1.5 miles I did Monday morning when I woke up at 4:57 and couldn't go back to sleep. I guess I was nervous about my first day of work.

Me: (whisper) BJ

BJ: silence 

Me: (loud whisper and a nudge) BJ

BJ: yeah? 

Me: wanna go lift weights?

BJ: right now?? 

Me: Yeah

BJ: Nooooo 

It was hilarious. So anyway, that's all the intentional exercise I've done this week. Which sucks, because we have a 5K next weekend that will probably kick our asses. 

Anyway, one thing I did and documented with photos is put on some eyelashes!! 

Here's a before (no makeup or fake eyelashes) 


I love these things! In the morning I just put on a little mascara to make my real ones show up (they're long, but they're blonde so you don't really see them unless I have mascara on!) 

Anyway. That's all really. I apologize for being absent, I probably won't post again until next week, when the evenings aren't so packed. I haven't even looked at Instagram today you guys, or facebook.  Nothing. see? I told you I'm cray busy :) 

Talk to y'all next week!! And thanks for not sending me any hate mail for my absence. Laters.

(PS LOVE LOVE LOVE my new job)  

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