Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy Monday Yall!!

We had an event at work on Saturday. I went to that and had to leave early so we could get to a wedding for a girl on BJ's side of the fam. 

I'm name tag official y'all ^^ 

This is me and Beej at the wedding. He shaved his chin hair and I have to say it Lurrrrve it. :) haha no more scratchies when I kiss him!! 

On Sunday we went on another Whole Foods adventure and then back to Cabot to make a wal-mart run. I wanted some flowers for my desk, and I didn't buy any at Whole Foods because I thought I could get them cheaper at Wal-Mart. So we get to wal-mart and this is what there is: 

How sad is that? I ended up getting the LAST bunch of pretty flowers: 

So I've got some fresh flowers and my new mousepad I got off of etsy at my desk today: 

I'd say it's looking pretty cute in here! I'll have to post pictures after I get it painted. Yes, I get to paint my little office/cubie thing. So excited. 

I got a shellac manicure this weekend. I love these because they last 2-3 weeks. I picked this taupe color, and then the lady was like "let me put glitter on it" and I'm not one to refuse glitter, and so now I have a super cute shellac mani. 

Also on Sunday I traded in my perfume coupon that came with my sampler for some Escada. I love this stuff.  (if you don't remember, I got a perfume sampler from Sephora with like 15 mini perfume samples for $50. It comes with a coupon for a full-size bottle of whichever sample you like best.) It's the best way to find a new scent, I'm so happy with what I got. I knew it was the one when I was spraying the empty sample trying to get the last bit out of it. 

And the bottle is freaking adorable. 

Lastly, we went by Indigo in the mall for me to see what Sevens and Citizens cost these days. I haven't had any of those jeans since college, and a pair of those is my reward/incentive to get to 145 lbs. They've gone up since my hay-day I guess....they're $178 .....WHEW. 

They felt amazing. (they had better) If you've never put on a pair, I suggest you at least take some to the fitting room. Either brand of those jeans fits amazing and the fabric is so soft and they just LOOK good.  

But yeah, that's expensive. .......But losing 40 pounds is totally worth rewarding myself with $200 jeans. (And an incentive to keep that 40 lbs off too. hahaha) 

[[[I'm getting the 40 lbs number because I started at 185, and the jeans are a reward for reaching 145.]]]

So happy Monday y'all! Here's to hoping I track all my food and actually exercise a couple times before my 5K on Saturday. Time to get back on track so that I can spend way too much $$ on some jeans in the next few months. 

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Lauryn Roth said...

LOVE the flowers, and you look so cute in your glasses!!! I NEED that mousepad, deets please!! haha. Love this post! You will totally get to those jeans girl!!