Monday, October 28, 2013

Saw Some Old Friends

I'll start with a weekend recap.

Friday night we went out to eat with my sister-in-law and her husband. We got there early to get our name down for a table because, since it's the restaurant with the only real bar in town, it seems to get pretty crowded.

I live in a dry county if y'all didn't know. 

I am cutting back on liquor, and decided this weekend would be my last hurrah. 

So I had one martini. I know, I got pretty crazy during my last hurrah. 

Then all four of us went back to our house to watch the first two episodes of THE WALKING DEAD. Because it's awesome. 

Actually it wasn't. I had already seen the first episode so I read a book while they watched it, and the second episode....well...nothing really happened. So that was kind of a let down. They need to find some money to help with the special effects too---bludgeoning zombies on that show looks like a video game. 

Anyway. Saturday we got up and went to Walmart for some groceries and Home Depot for a thing for BJ to fix our toilet. Then we went home and packed a bag to spend the night at my parents house. We loaded up the dog and headed to Stuttgart. 

A high school friend of mine got married Saturday night in my old church, where me and BJ got hitched. It was kind of nice going back and seeing a wedding there.

The reception was at a different location, because there was champagne. (and beer the groomsmen sneaked in). And the church is Baptist. You see the issue here. 

This is where I saw some old friends!! The girl in the front was my BFF for years and years when we were younger. I miss her a lot. She'e hilarious. And I'm still jealous of her hair 20 years later. (kind of just freaked myself out, I've known someone for 20 years? wth.) We lived around the corner from each other. Then there's the girl in the pink, who I've known since elementary school-ish (we were in the same dance class). And the girl in the back in the glasses lived near me too! I've known her since kindergarten. 

I'll be honest, I've avoided things like this for awhile because I knew I was chunky. You don't want to see people for the first time in 5-8 years and the only thing they notice is "wow she got big." Luckily I'm down to my normal weight so I didn't feel self conscious. It was a great feeling.

Obviously I wasn't worried about my weight at all, since I tried every kind of cake they had :) hahaha --see photo below

I'm a cake girl. Had to try all the flavors! I only had like one bite of each, anyway. Bj tried them too so I didn't look too cray. There was peanut butter, chocolate chip, italian cream, and then the grooms cake was chocolate/chocolate. 

There was enough cake left over to cater to a whole 'nother it wasn't like there was a shortage. I didn't hog all of it promise!! (seriously, the left over cake was the size of me and BJ's actual cake)

It was a GORGEOUS reception. Such a fun event. BJ didn't seem too miserable either. :)

Here's all of us with the bride! 

Had 3-4 glasses of champagne while I was there. Last hurrah, right? 

Anyway. After the wedding we just stayed at my parents house so it wasn't too late of a night for us. Sunday morning the usual happened when my family got together, and me and BJ couldn't get home fast enough :)  We left my dog there, because he didn't seem to want to go home with us. And why would he? They have an acre-ish of land for a backyard (fenced in) and my sister's lab Beck lives it's a good opportunity for him to socialize and get some exercise in. 

I will miss him though!!! My parents are dropping him off next Sunday. It's going to be a quiet week.

Today it's cool and foggy and I decided to curl up in this sweater all day. 

Bathroom pictures are so awkward to me. I don't see how people take "good" photos of themselves in a restroom mirror. ha. obvi example of that ^ 

Hopefully I'm pulling off the "cute slouchy" instead of just looking like a slouch :) I got some highlights in my hair, can y'all tell? 

Half marathon training starts this week! It looks like this: 

Tuesday Oct 29 -30 minute run
Thursday Oct 31-25 minute run
Friday Nov 1- Easy walk
Sunday Nov 3- 3 miles 

Happy Monday y'all. Make good decisions!! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Eating better

Food I've been eating lately:

Lots of green stuff, lean meat and good fats.

but this is what i want: 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New lip gloss

So I finally bought some MAC lip glass. I've been wanting to try it for awhile. 

I've heard it isn't sticky, lasts awhile, etc. So I got some a few weeks ago. 

I wanted some with a plum kind of color (for fall). I always worry that anything with darker color is going to make my lips look huge...but I think I love it! The color and the way it feels are both what I was looking for. 

It for real isn't sticky, even as it eventually wears off. 

Hahaha :) 

This color is called "Desire" 

I think it adds some color to my paleness without being too dramatic. 

Love it. 

My Significant Thought

On Monday I mentioned that on my way to work I had a significant thought. I know you've been tapping your toes wondering what it was. Tap no more.

Me and BJ car pooled for the first time into Little Rock on Monday, so I dropped him off at school at 8, and then drove over the river to North Little Rock to where I work. I got here early, as usual (it's an awesome new habit I have). 

And on my way I heard a song that I love---it's country--and every time I hear it it makes me  think about the things I've tried so hard to achieve. It's by the Eli Young band, and it's called Even If It Breaks Your Heart. 

Warning: I'm about to get a little corny. 

This song has made me hopeful with my life, many times. Mainly my career, because it came out when I was failing at job searching. I'm in a field that kind of sucks right now in the job area. It took me so long to get to where I am right now. It's not my ultimate-end-all goal, but its an effing wonderful start and I cannot convey to you through this blog post how happy I am to have this job. I wouldn't have gotten here if I hadn't kept trying though. 

The song says: 

Some dreams stay with you forever,
Drag you around but bring you back to where you were.
Some dreams keep on gettin' better,
Gotta keep believin' if you wanna know for sure.

Keep on dreamin', even if it breaks your heart. 

That's all I've done with my job search. Hope, get my heart broken. Hope again, and more heart break. But really that's what I did with hoping to meet a man like my husband. Hope, and heart break. But when I found him MY GOD was it worth the wait. 

So, getting to my point---- 

Here's the thought I had--all this determination and hope and love I have for my marriage and my career, why isn't it the same with my health? My weight loss? 

I mean..... to enjoy my marriage and my job I need to be alive, and preferably healthy, really healthy, long term kind of healthy so that heart disease doesn't kill me before I see my grand/great-grand babies. 

So why is it that I work so hard on my marriage and my career, daily, but cannot get that same kind of passion back into getting stronger, thinner, fitter? 

My health/weight loss is in the group of things that will make my life one that I am in love with.  I've got an amazing marriage--the strong relationship I have with my husband amazes me all the time. I've got the job I want now. The only major category of my life that needs some attention is my health (which will really start with weight loss, if you're wondering why I'm grouping those two things together. I need to lose another 15-20 lbs to be in a healthy weight range)

It takes the same kind of attention, maintenance, determination, time, and thought that my marriage and my job both require. It won't always be fun, just like marriage and jobs can not be fun sometimes...But it will be worth it, just guessed it...marriages and jobs. The good will outweigh the work required. 

So that's my thought. My question. Why am I not as determined with my health as I am my marriage or my career? 

(Not saying health or weight loss should be more important than a marriage, but it should be up there somewhere at the near top, you can't enjoy life from a hospital bed. Don't send me hate mail about how I'm advocating for people to only worry about their health and weight and push their religion, marriage, social life, career, etc. aside. That is NOT what I'm saying)

I didn't mean for this thought/question to have an answer to it. It was just meant to provoke some thoughts about priorities and goals. If I put as much thought and work into my health as I do other areas of my life..... then I would already be at my goal weight, able to run for an hour straight and lifting some shocking amount of weight. I would not be worried about heart disease, blood pressure or cholesterol. And that, is where I want to be. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Its a brand new week!

Here's my version of the bathroom selfie, in my hot pink piko top. I obviously need some practice--selfies aren't something I'm good at. It would help if I didn't usually look like a spaz in photos though! haha :) I've got on black skinny denim and some black booties. And dangly earrings. Fancy fancy. top is wrinkly, but hey....I'm a recovering slouch-a-holic so I think I should get a free pass. It's been nice wearing real clothes to work. I come home and don't feel like a bum like I used to in my uniform top. I bet my hubs likes it too.

Speaking of him, he came up with an awesome date for us! Sunday afternoon we went to the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra to a "Halloween Spooktacular" and it was so much fun. 

We met R2D2 in the lobby. 

And a lot of audience members wore halloween costumes. ALL of the orchestra did, which made watching them fun. They played music from Harry Potter, Star Wars, Edward Scissor Hands, Thriller, Pirates of the Caribbean and a scary Fantasia song from a Disney thing me and my sister would watch when we were little. It was awesome! I loved it even more that it was BJ's idea. 

We made our weekly grocery trip and I picked up some tea: 

I'm excited to try the honey vanilla kind, because I've recently discovered honey-vanilla lattes (with soy milk) and they're awesome. I never thought honey and coffee flavors would go together, but I love it!! 

My grandma's 80th birthday party was Saturday night! Here's me and my sister, and me and Beej. 

It was a lot of fun, and my grandma was so happy. It made my heart happy to see her so excited. 

Our 5K that was scheduled for Saturday morning --well--it wasn't cancelled but it should have been. It was storming (lightening and everything) so we didn't do it. Some people still did, which I think is crazy. 

Sooooo I didn't exercise all weekend or eat well or anything really. *story of my life lately* 

I had a significant thought this morning on my way to work though, about weight loss, so I'll have to post about that tomorrow. (after rereading that sentence I laughed out loud. It sounds like I discovered something invaluable to society...hahaha so not the case) 

In other news, I ordered a chair for my office: 

OMG so excited. It's supposed to come in tomorrow, and I'll be sure to post a photo or two. 
Anyway lovelies, have a good Monday.

And Amy, if you're reading this, Happy freaking birthday my dear. You're the best friend a gal could ask for and you deserve to have a marvelous birthday!! 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Weekend Plans

If you want me to be honest, which I would assume you do, I couldn't think of anything to write about today. With learning my new job and getting into a new routine I have sort of let my posting slip. Sorry y'all.

But, I figured I would recap my week and talk about this upcoming weekend.

This past week was really uneventful. I ran on Monday, lifted weights on Tuesday, and went out to eat with my husband on Wednesday, and then Thursday was a cluster.... 

I had a headache like, all night Wednesday night. Not sure why I never fully woke up and took something, but anytime I moved my head it just throbbed and hurt. So at 630 BJ got me some Excedrin migraine, and by 7 when I couldn't even tell I had taken anything I took some Rx migraine meds I have for this situation....I had never taken this kind before. (my insurance wouldn't cover what I usually take, so last time I got it filled I had to try something different. I was taking Maxalt, now I have generic Immitrex). 

Bad idea! I felt drunk. The awful kind where you don't want to move your body and you feel nauseous...But it's too soon to go calling in sick! So I went in anyway. After some time and some coffee and my wonderful understanding coworkers, I felt better soon and only felt a little foggy the rest of the day. 

Needless to say I didn't workout that day. I came home, ate dinner, and slept on the couch for like 2 hours before moving to the bed to sleep some more!

I felt normal this morning though, so at least there's that. This week hasn't been a total fail where eating/working out is concerned. I wasn't the best, but it was a definite improvement from weeks prior. 

Today I am not working out. The Griffin family is headed to Stuttgart to help my mom prepare for my grandmother's 80th birthday party which is tomorrow, and we have a 5k in the I'll be getting a run in then.

So here's my plans after 5:30 pm today:

1 Pick up flowers from Sam's for party 
2 Go home and get my husband and puppy
3 Go to Stuttgart 


1 Run a 5k at 9 am (it's in our town, so no driving/finding the place required. awesome) 
2 Get showered 
3 Go to Des Arc and decorate for my grandma's birthday party
4 Hang out at party 
5 Clean up and go home 


1 Groceries 
2 Pay bills
3 Go see the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra with my husband 

Another busy weekend! October is always a busy month, I remember thinking last year that I was too busy. I didn't understand why everything had to be in October. But it does. Every year. 

MY BEST FRIEND'S BIRTHDAY IS NEXT MONDAY. I have an event for work next week, a hair appointment and a Halloween party next Saturday, a wedding the next weekend....and then my half marathon training begins. 

I'm feeling a little scattered. I tried syncing my work/personal/running calendars to my phone today and that almost put me in the loony bin. Ask my husband how many f bombs I dropped with that :) 

Anyway, I'm getting a better grip on my new schedule and I'm counting calories again. I'm drinking water and trying to be a good girl. Hopefully I can keep this up. I'm wanting to be in the 140s by my birthday (November 22) and I'm at 160-162 ish right now. So basically I need to lose like 13 pounds to hit that goal. Even if I don't get all the way down to 149---I'd still like to be well on my way there. 

Thanks for reading my scattered post about my mundane busy life. I hope your weekend isn't as busy as mine and I hope you enjoy it immensely. I'll try and post better next week. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy Monday Yall!!

We had an event at work on Saturday. I went to that and had to leave early so we could get to a wedding for a girl on BJ's side of the fam. 

I'm name tag official y'all ^^ 

This is me and Beej at the wedding. He shaved his chin hair and I have to say it Lurrrrve it. :) haha no more scratchies when I kiss him!! 

On Sunday we went on another Whole Foods adventure and then back to Cabot to make a wal-mart run. I wanted some flowers for my desk, and I didn't buy any at Whole Foods because I thought I could get them cheaper at Wal-Mart. So we get to wal-mart and this is what there is: 

How sad is that? I ended up getting the LAST bunch of pretty flowers: 

So I've got some fresh flowers and my new mousepad I got off of etsy at my desk today: 

I'd say it's looking pretty cute in here! I'll have to post pictures after I get it painted. Yes, I get to paint my little office/cubie thing. So excited. 

I got a shellac manicure this weekend. I love these because they last 2-3 weeks. I picked this taupe color, and then the lady was like "let me put glitter on it" and I'm not one to refuse glitter, and so now I have a super cute shellac mani. 

Also on Sunday I traded in my perfume coupon that came with my sampler for some Escada. I love this stuff.  (if you don't remember, I got a perfume sampler from Sephora with like 15 mini perfume samples for $50. It comes with a coupon for a full-size bottle of whichever sample you like best.) It's the best way to find a new scent, I'm so happy with what I got. I knew it was the one when I was spraying the empty sample trying to get the last bit out of it. 

And the bottle is freaking adorable. 

Lastly, we went by Indigo in the mall for me to see what Sevens and Citizens cost these days. I haven't had any of those jeans since college, and a pair of those is my reward/incentive to get to 145 lbs. They've gone up since my hay-day I guess....they're $178 .....WHEW. 

They felt amazing. (they had better) If you've never put on a pair, I suggest you at least take some to the fitting room. Either brand of those jeans fits amazing and the fabric is so soft and they just LOOK good.  

But yeah, that's expensive. .......But losing 40 pounds is totally worth rewarding myself with $200 jeans. (And an incentive to keep that 40 lbs off too. hahaha) 

[[[I'm getting the 40 lbs number because I started at 185, and the jeans are a reward for reaching 145.]]]

So happy Monday y'all! Here's to hoping I track all my food and actually exercise a couple times before my 5K on Saturday. Time to get back on track so that I can spend way too much $$ on some jeans in the next few months. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Im not dead. Just dead on my feet.

I started my new job on Monday and I don't feel like I've really sat down since! 

Monday after work I shopped for some cubicle/office decorations.
Tuesday night I made cupcakes for my Grandma's birthday--for her to bring to the Senior Citizen's Center where she quilts. 
Wednesday night me and the hubs went to Des Arc immediately after work to eat dinner with her for her birthday (she turned 80!!) and my parents/sister/aunt/cousin. 
And here we are at Thursday. Tonight we have no plans, except BJ has to study for a Pharmacology test he has tomorrow. 

I am so ready for Sunday. I wont get to sit still really until then.

Tomorrow I will be working late, I have a work-dinner. Saturday morning I need to be back at work at 7 am for a workshop and I'll stay until around 10-11. Then we have a wedding to go to, where I need to stack the wedding cake tiers. While I hold my breath.

Then, I have Sunday, where nothing will happen except for maybe some grocery shopping and for sure some sleeping in. 

As for food this week, I have bombed at making good choices or even counting calories. The only exercise I've done besides being on my feet a lot at work was 1.5 miles I did Monday morning when I woke up at 4:57 and couldn't go back to sleep. I guess I was nervous about my first day of work.

Me: (whisper) BJ

BJ: silence 

Me: (loud whisper and a nudge) BJ

BJ: yeah? 

Me: wanna go lift weights?

BJ: right now?? 

Me: Yeah

BJ: Nooooo 

It was hilarious. So anyway, that's all the intentional exercise I've done this week. Which sucks, because we have a 5K next weekend that will probably kick our asses. 

Anyway, one thing I did and documented with photos is put on some eyelashes!! 

Here's a before (no makeup or fake eyelashes) 


I love these things! In the morning I just put on a little mascara to make my real ones show up (they're long, but they're blonde so you don't really see them unless I have mascara on!) 

Anyway. That's all really. I apologize for being absent, I probably won't post again until next week, when the evenings aren't so packed. I haven't even looked at Instagram today you guys, or facebook.  Nothing. see? I told you I'm cray busy :) 

Talk to y'all next week!! And thanks for not sending me any hate mail for my absence. Laters.

(PS LOVE LOVE LOVE my new job)