Monday, September 2, 2013

Whole Foods adventure

Yesterday I brought BJ to the restaurant in little rock where I went with my friends last week.

I think he loved it! He got the Root Benny and cleaned his I think he enjoyed it. It reminds me of midtown Memphis. 

Bj's food:

I ordered the same thing I got last time. Egg white omelet with a soy iced coffee. 

Then We walked over to the farmer's market because I wanted to buy some flowers, but the booth didn't bring any for some reason. Of course! 

So next we headed to Whole Foods, my idea, because I've been wanting to go for awhile but it's maybe 30+ minutes from our house. 

I found the espresso powder I recommended using in my iced coffee post. It was $4 ish. 

Other stuff: 

These were interestingly yummy. I've never had kale chips and I've been real curious. These were pretty tasty! They reminded  me of Pringles. The whole bag would be around 300 calories too. Which is awesome. 

This was on sale for $5! So I swooped some into our basket. 
(Reg $9 at whole foods and $8.18 at Walmart. Score!!)

Oh and this--I'm excited about trying:

I brought this for lunch today. It's 340 calories, including the guacamole pack that's in there. 

I hope it's good!! I've been looking for some better made/better tasting frozen stuff to bring to work for lunches. I've moved past SmartOnes. 

And lastly, some pretty white hydrangeas! I love white flowers for some reason. 

I had a good time yesterday. Not sure about BJ...but he seemed entertained off and on. At least he loved his food. 

Happy Labor Day guys! Be safe and don't be the people I see on the news.  

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Lauryn Roth said...

i love whole foods...what a great deal on justins almond butter!