Tuesday, September 17, 2013

some great news!

I've been MIA a few days guys. Sorry bout that. 

Before I get to the great news, I've gotta admit that I haven't ran in 5 days. Yep. 5. What the hell right? I have a race this Saturday and all of a sudden I'm slacking right before. Ugh. Running tonight before I can be home and get too comfy to talk myself into it!! 

Onto the good part. 


I got a new job. 


I put my notice in yesterday and so I feel okay about telling everyone today! I have been looking for about a year now, and have had a really hard time with this search, so to end up with an ideal art-related job that pays substantially more than I make right now is a dream come true. 

Now I'm in the weird 2 week phase were I know I'm leaving but I'm not gone yet. I've been bringing home stuff from my desk and wrapping up projects. 

I start my new job on September 30. It's Monday-Friday so I can be a normal person with regular weekends. I'll even get to car pool with the hubs some. 


I'm also really excited about the black bean chili cooking in my crock pot today. Even if it is 90*+ in Arkansas still, in my mind its fall and I'm having some dang chili. 

Sorry there aren't any pictures. I'll do better next time. :) 

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Lauryn Roth said...

Awwww...YAY!!!!! congrats girl!!! Iam so happy for u!!! I am ready for fall too!!!