Friday, September 20, 2013

Piko tops and a Slow cooker fiasco

It’s a rainy - t-stormy – sleepy -  miserable day here in Arkansas. I did not want to drag my groggy self out of bed this morning, but I did. But let’s be real here, I never want to do that…rain or no rain.

I’m a ‘sleep til 9’ kind of gal.

I got up despite the rain, and got a pot roast going in the crock pot for dinner tonight (the perfect thing for a rainy day!) I checked to make sure it was plugged in and turned on….and even came back in the kitchen to touch the thing to make sure it was warm before I left.

Some of you may remember (if we’re friends on Facebook) than on Wednesday I prepared a yummy new recipe before work, and didn’t realize until my husband got home to check it, that I didn’t plug the dang crock pot in. 

That’s the problem with appliances, they need electricity to work. The knob was turned to low, but that doesn’t mean a thing if it’s not plugged in. I hate wasting food! But I wasn’t about to eat something with beef in it that had sat on my counter all day.

Luckily I use slow cooker liners so all I had to do was tie off the bag and trash it. It was a sad moment for me. I’m usually so prepared and efficient!! Everyone has their days I guess.

Anyway.  Onto the reason you are probably reading this post…Piko tops.

Since I have lost weight, and now that I am starting a new job where “dressy casual” is the dress code, I have been in need of some regular clothes. (My job at the museum that I’m leaving required a uniform shirt, so I haven’t really needed a career wardrobe until now)

The emergence of a KABILLION online boutiques that offer basically the same (chevron patterned) stuff (and crowd your newsfeed) has gotten out of control. I have found one boutique though, that I like. Because the prices are lower, the girls there are nice and I get my stuff in the mail 2 days after I order it.

Part of me can’t believe I’m sharing this secret with my blog world. But it is only fair. I have a ton of online friends that will probably be interested in this! 

The reason I decided to post this info, is because I see a blogger advertising for a boutique online.... and I see people buying and buying. Getting online this morning was no different. But then I see people (like me) commenting in the background who like the “advertised product” but just can’t pay that much for ONE top, and then you gotta add $6.50 in shipping on top of that! Don’t get me wrong, I love the style of clothing at that boutique and I happen to love most of the blogger’s outfits….but those prices aren’t in the range I can bare to pay. Especially more than once. 

I got a Piko top (yes, the same kind) on sale yesterday for $19.99

Yep. Just $20.

I’m making a special trip to this shop to pick it up (and some other stuff I ordered) this weekend, but if I wasn’t, the shipping would’ve been $6 flat rate.

The regular Piko top price at this place is around $29.99 (which is still cheaper than the above boutique's price, even with shipping, by +/- $6). They also have thicker knit Pikos for $33 and Piko tunic dresses for $34. 

They posted the Piko sale on Facebook, and I commented on that post that I wanted a small dark red and a small light grey.

I only got the dark red, because the grey sold out before I could claim it.  And no wonder!! $20 for a Piko top and every in-the-know girl around is ON THAT sale like Miley Cyrus was on that foam finger.  (Sorry, had to)

So, ya wanna be in on the next sale? (Not sure when that will be, you'll have to ask them) Wanna just get a Piko top around $6 cheaper than other places? 

The shop’s name is Blackbird Clothing Company. They’re located in Searcy, Arkansas. They have a physical store and a Facebook account, no separate website.

To shop, you need to set up an account on the desktop version of Facebook or call 501-268-3111 and do it over the phone. 

After you have an account, when they post a picture of clothing you want to purchase,  you comment on that photo with the size and color you want, with ‘Run/Ship’ (run my card, and ship that thing to me girl!) If you’re in driving distance you can say run/hold, which means charge me for it and hold it for me until I can get up there to pick it up.

And that, is how I got a Piko top for $19.99 you guys.

Disclaimer/FYI: I do not work at this shop, I do not know anyone who works at this shop, and I am not an owner and don’t know any owners. I am not being paid for this post or being given anything for this post…although I wish I was! :)

Basically I’m not benefitting at all from this blog post. I’m just creating more competition for myself, which is why I questioned posting this in the first place! :)  I’ve only been to this shop once (it’s way cute!) because I live about an hour away. Also keep in mind that since I don't work there I don't know when the next sale will be, and I don't know what sizes/colors/styles they have in stock, or if they'll change the prices of clothing or shipping.  I'm merely wanting to give you a heads up on where to get that coveted Piko top for a little less money. 

If you could, just tell them Samantha Griffin sent ya please. I’d like to see what happens! :)



Lauryn Roth said...

Such a cute shirt!!! I love me a good deal, girl!!! I know those other boutiques...COUGHKIKILARUECOUGH are way too expensive but 20 bucks is great!!! I might have to check that out!

Kara Wilson said...

The Foam Finger comment made me spit out my tea.....