Monday, August 26, 2013

The hard truth.

I weighed 163 this morning. 

I know, wtf, right? 

I knew after the cleanse I stopped caring for a bit--like the last thing that needs to happen. 

Whatever. I didn't want to type those numbers into my MyFitnessPal but I did. I've also been logging and measuring the past couple days.  

Hoping to lose 15 lbs by thanksgiving. Aka be under 150, which has not happened since this journey began. 

Onto happier stuff--
I'm off work today with my husband!!! He's on fall break from school and I'm just off today because the museum is closed. 

Here's my breakfast (I logged) 
Ezekiel bread with 1 tbs natural pb divided between the two. And cold coffee with a cup of almond milk. 

287 calories. 

Today I've gotta do some housework and run week 4 day 3--and hopefully be able to do all of the running. 

Last time I had to walk 2 minutes of the running, because my heart rate was so high! It was in the high 180s when it switched over to the last 5 minute run I walked the first 2 minutes of that. I'm hoping I can do all of it this time. I'll have to work harder at keeping my heart rate normal! 

We're painting our bedroom today too! I picked out paint yesterday and hopefully we get to that today. Busy day!! Going to try and keep running on top of the priority list. 

Laters y'all. 

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Lauryn Roth said...

i know what you mean girl I have got to bust through this plateau. I hate it! Thanksgiving is my goal too!!! We got this!!!