Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's BJs Birthday!!

He's a whopping 28 years old today. And I made him some scratch brownies last night. 

I used this recipe I found off Pinterest: 

So there's chocolate chunks in 'em... 

...There's also some blue bell (homemade vanilla flavor) in the freezer to go with these. Lord Jesus we've got a shit storm of sugar. 

I have three things to tell you. 


If you can't find this 

For the iced coffee recipe I gave you, use this: 

It's like $1.75 at Walmart for the small bottle. It's dark roast, so it works in a similar way. 


I logged all of my food Thursday and finished week 3 of my 10k training. 

I didn't wanna do it. Blah. But it's done. 


I tried this monster drink today (I normally hate this kind of stuff) but it was actually pretty good. 0 sugar and 0 calories--and a caffeine jump that I so desperately needed yesterday afternoon at my desk. ZZzzzZzZZZZzzzzZZzz 

I'll leave you with some handsome photos of my husband. ;) love you boo! Happy birthday!!!! 

I love him. 

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