Monday, August 19, 2013

How I spent my day off

I had this Monday off work. Today (Tuesday) I leave for some training and will be gone until Thursday night. 

So Monday I got a pedicure 

(I chose bright red)

...and then later went for my annual physical. (Reminder--last year I weighed 185 and had high triglycerides) I weigh 160 ish this year and hopefully don't have high anything :) I'll let you know dearies. 

My dr (female) also had to do my lady exam, since my gyno retired a few months ago. I haven't found a new one yet so it was a have to sort of thing. Otherwise in would've skipped it. I HATE Pap smears. Hate. 

I feel really prepared for the physical exam part of it because BJ is being tested on giving a physical today ....and guess who has been his test subject!!! 

I have to leave for my training at like 630-645 in the morning. 


I've got a yummy taco casserole recipe to share with y'all this week. Look for it!! 

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