Thursday, August 15, 2013

First cheat meal situation

So yesterday was my first day off of the cleanse. Me and the hubs went out to eat, and although I wasn't craving anything "unhealthy" I went with my usual black bean burger and fries. (We went to Buffalo Wild Wings)

Bad choice. 

The beer I had with it was a poor choice too. That food made my stomach feel weird. I just felt like crap. 

(Waitress brought us salsa and chips ...either because she gave me a Newcastle instead of a Shiner, or because she was being extremely slow--I didn't eat much of it.)

I had been thinking that when I had normal carbs again or fried food it would just be like it used to...and I was wrong. I went to sleep last night feeling like crap. Learned my lesson! 

I hope I still have "learned my lesson" when I make BJ these brownies he requested for his birthday tomorrow. 

That will be the real test I guess. :) 

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