Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 9 y'all.

Day 9 started out with a spark (ha), fiber drink and then oatmeal with walnuts and cinnamon. 

I was off work (Monday) so I made a trip to Walmart like a good Arkansan and found they FINALLY have PB2 back in stock--you know, since I'm on day 9 of 10 of the cleanse ...of course they just now have it again. 

It's in a fancy skinny jar now. 

Here's a better picture of my produce stand :) 

Snack time was a banana and some pb2 

Lunch was rotisserie chicken, green apple, carrots and brown rice I mixed with a little salsa. 

Also at Walmart I found they have discontinued my favorite store brand fall scent (glade, autumn harvest). Fall hayride was similar though, so I got some of that. 

My FAVORITE fall scent is Bath & Body Works Leaves. But the large candles are $20 and I can't bring myself to pay that. 

Anyway I got a couple candles and some oil room scent things. The stuff I love tends to sell out at my Walmart and Kroger I have to stock up if I want to be able to have it. (Stuff like Ezekiel bread, pb2, Newman's version of Reese's, Justin's almond butter, glade brand autumn harvest scent (last year), white chocolate macadamia Clif bars...toilet paper...jkjk on the toilet paper) 

It was a rainy Monday and me and the pup missed BJ. 

Or just I did. The pup pretty much slept, so I don't think he cared I was there or that BJ wasn't ;) 

So cleanse day 9 went about like the rest of the cleanse. Normal bathroom trips, clean food, and a general good feeling overall. 

I figured I'd be dying for some white carbs or alcohol. And while its been funny to joke about with Bj--it hasn't really been that bad. I smelled his beer and didn't want any. I almost took a bite of his Popeyes biscuit last night but didn't feel like it was worth it. (Instead I had some peanut butter and oatmeal leftover from breakfast...and I was completely okay with that) And I stopped needing a dark chocolate chunk at night after dinner. We're going out to eat the first night I'm off the cleanse, and I can't say I'm craving anything. I'm not dying to have fried food or anything, so picking a place hasn't been a big deal. I'm kind of shocked, I just knew I either wouldn't last the 10 days or I'd be chowing down on McDonalds the morning of day 11. 

Figured I'd be all: Sausage biscuit with cheese and a hash town stat! At 7 am the day after the cleanse. 

I don't think I've dropped a ton of weight. Maybe 4 pounds? We'll see for sure tomorrow morning. I was disappointed until Bj reminded me that's still a lot of weight for just 10 days. Duh Samantha. Yes it is. 

Check back tomorrow (Wednesday!) for a day ten recap, my final weigh in and measurement comparisons. 

I'll also be talking about what I will do different next time, and my advice for anyone doing the cleanse for the first time. Holla back! 

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