Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 5 food

Hey guys! 
I hope I'm helping with meal ideas, whether you're just eating clean/thinking about eating clean or doing/thinking about doing the 10 day cleanse. 

Breakfast (oatmeal) and snacks were the same (green apple, natural pb, banana, cashews) but lunch and dinna were different! 


Tuna, hummus, carrots and cucumber. This was easy, because I didn't make anything. I just had to have Bj open the tuna because I'm not smart enough to work our new can opener. Or maybe not coordinated enough. One of those. 

For dinner I tried a recipe from the 24 day challenge recipes, the slow cooker chicken burritos. 

You need 8 oz tomato sauce (no sugar added), boneless/skinless chicken breast, salsa, minced garlic, low sodium taco seasoning (or homemade), chili powder and cumin. Throw all of that in a crock pot and cook on low for 6 hours. 

Then Bj shredded it (he always handles the meat for me, and for that I'm deeply in love with him) 

And I made a big salad type thing with it like this: 

With black beans, salsa, spinach, black olives, avocado and tomatoes. It was yummy!! 

Me and my fit-texting buddy Carmen weren't sure if we're supposed to have fats (olive oil, avocados, olives, hummus) with anything except snacks on the cleanse and that brings me to tell you this: 

I have seen this cleanse done so many ways. I have read a blog where a guy eats pizza and drinks beer--the pizza being the accidental cheat and the beer being planned...? And I've seen people just eat clean (which would include some bread and dairy). 

Basically you have to decide for yourself. Take my meal ideas as just suggestions--not guidelines or instructions. Figure out what works for you and go from there. 

One thing I have noticed is that I'm not really ever "hungry" on this cleanse. You have to eat too often to ever get really hungry. It's something you have to plan for, planning snacks and packing food. That's why my snacks have been the same! I don't have to keep a bunch of different things in stock at my house. That's just easier for me, and I haven't gotten bored with having the same thing as breakfast and snacks every day. As long as lunch and dinner have some variety I'm good. 

Today (Friday) is day six! I'm not looking forward to avoiding wine and our regular dinner outings this weekend. Pizza y'all, I want it. With a shiner. And then I want a creamy soy latte, with an extra shot. 

Some list huh. 

(Don't worry. Not craving them in a serious way! I do swoon over the smell of BJs coffee in the a.m. though)

But I am looking forward to having NOTHING planned and being home with my hubs both Saturday and Sunday. I guess he'll have to study and hopefully he'll mow the lawn--it's starting to look a little ghetto outside :) 

I'll probably bathe the dog, maybe run, do some laundry and plan food for the next few cleanse days and for all of next week. An easy relaxing weekend! 

Check back tomorrow for a day 6 recap! I've been compiling a list of tips during this to include with my post at the end of the cleanse. I can't wait to see my results!! That post will be up next Wednesday I believe. 

Laters y'all. Happy Friday. 

(Wtf is coffee doing on the bad side of this photo?????)

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Lauryn Roth said...

LOL you crack me up. Coffee should never be on the bad side!!! LOL@ghetto lawn too. That chicken dinner looked sooo good and simple I really need to try it apparently. Its calling to me. Hahah. Have a great weekend girl, good luck you can do it !!! :)