Monday, August 12, 2013

Advocare Day 8

I got out of bed on Sunday morning and bribed BJ into going to North Little Rock with me (Target, TJMaxx and Walmart) by saying I'd get him Starbucks for breakfast. 

It worked. That was easy. 

While he got ready I had my spark, fiber drink, and glass of water. 

I had a banana before we left, so that I would not be tempted to get a starby's sandwich! Like my dear husband. 

He got a bacon gouda sandwich and a venti iced coffee. I was not a sad girl though, I got a tall iced coffee with soy milk (no sweetener). Basically the same thing I make at home. I've never ordered a tall iced coffee, the cup was hilariously small to me. 

Like a child's cup. 

It was yummy, of course. And I didn't feel bad about drinking it. 

First we went to target and I got a thing to hold the butt loads of produce I bring home every week. It has two tiers and can hold plenty o' stuff. Thank goodness.  Some days I feel like produce is taking over my kitch. Night of the living produce. 

Sorry for the dim photo, my husband is responsible for the fantabulous lighting. You're welcome for the photo cred babe. ;) anytime. 

I also got some curtains for the living room and the office. We went to TJMaxx and got some pillows for our sectional. And lastly we went to WalMart and got a curtain rod to match the one in my kitchen....and then back home. All this make-my-home-pretty stuff has been something to do on my list for A LONG TIME. Like, two years. But I just never felt like it was a good time to buy the stuff or didn't have the energy to move the furniture or think of a cute way to decorate...blah blah. That had to end. Maybe it's because I'm so dang happy and in the mood to make my house happy too? I don't know We just love it now. 

Anyway. Advocare. That's why you're reading this right? 

Before I got to hanging and steaming wrinkles out of curtains, I sat down for a real quick lunch. 

Leftover black beans and rotisserie chicken, with some baby carrots, almonds and cashews. 

Then I decorated a little and cleaned the entire house. BJ studied and then mowed the lawn (thank god, right?)--but halfway through the mower messed up. It's a loaner from his mom, so we ended up just going and buying our own. He got the yard presentable and then quit. I'm sure he'll weed eat later this week. Slowly but surely the grass will be presentable again. I swear the dog is pissed the grass is so high. He walks through it like he does when it snows, picking up his feet like he's stuck in mud.

Around 3 I got supper going in the crockpot. I used an Advocare recipe, for the Asian Chicken Lettuce wraps. 

3-4 chicken breasts 
1/4 c soy sauce replacement 
1/4 c low sodium chicken broth 
3-4 cloves of garlic, sliced 
1 small onion, chopped (I used part of a bag of Kroger brand diced frozen onion) 
2 tbs apple cider vinegar
1/2 tsp ground ginger 
and a dash of pepper, cinnamon and ground clove (or allspice if you have it) 

Put the onion, garlic and chicken in the crockpot. Mix the broth, soy sauce replacement and spices together and pour over the chicken. Cook on low for 4 hours. 

Then we shredded it and ate it with some lettuce, matchstick carrots and red cabbage. I steamed some green beans and made some brown rice to go on the side. 

It was pretty good! BJ loves Asian food, so I try to work that into the pasta dishes I make :) 

After that I had a banana and some peanut butter, because for whatever reason, I was craving that. I've had that every day for the last 8 days but evidently that didn't matter. I just had to have it. 

No herbal cleanse horse pills to take before bed on Day 8 Advocare, so that's nice. Other than wanting a glass of wine while me and the hubs watched our Sunday night shows, there hasn't been any cravings (for anything bad. I don't count the banana pb craving). I'm excited about getting to have my Ezekiel bread again. And wine. But I'm not really missing anything else. 

So far I can say that as of Day 8 of 10, this cleanse has been gentle. I've been peeing more, but I'm drinking more liquid with the spark and fiber drink, plus the water you have to drink after the fiber drink. I've also been paying more attention to the water I drink during the day, and being sure I get AT LEAST 80 ounces--so peeing more should be happening. As for the other, it's been normal/slightly more frequent. Nothing crazy y'all!! If anything, it's made me realize how much liquor, cheese and carbs I eat. This was a good lesson to learn--and I still have 2 more days of it. 

Remember to check back on Wednesday for my results post, with my total weight loss (if any), measurement before and afters, and advice for when you're preparing for this cleanse. Later y'all!! 

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Lauryn Roth said...

wow girl you are doing so good! I loved the dresser re do on instagram too! That asian chicken thing looked good I am planning on making a salad kinda like that next week i think.