Sunday, August 11, 2013

Advocare Day 7

Yesterday was day seven. And it was hard. Not sure if I wanted to snack/cheat because it was a weekend day and it was a habit (Saturday) or because I've been deprived! But I didn't really cheat.  

Breakfast was a banana and pb. Then I spent the day DIY-ing with Bj turning our dresser into a tv stand. That kept me busy. I stopped to eat lunch (no snack) and had this 

Rotisserie chicken leftovers, 1/2 avocado, carrots cashews and almonds.

Dinner was a veggie salad from subway with oil and vinegar as dressing (forgot to take a photo). 

Later I had a spark and a green apple. And before bed I had some peanut butter because I was starving. 

Even though I didn't run I did not sit still for 13 hours painting the dresser and redecorating the house. My legs and arms are sore today, so there's a win. 

What I DID do yesterday that some may not agree with--I drank a homemade iced coffee. I decided if soy/almond milk is allowed, and unsweetened  tea is allowed, then black coffee should be too.  (So I had cold coffee and almond milk yesterday, which could be considered a cheat to some) 

Refrain from sending hate mail, but I feel like advocare says no coffee just to make you dependent on spark--which has as much caffeine in a serving as a latte.  So I decided to allow it. 

I had plenty of water all day and took my herbal pills last night. Everything is going good! They weren't lying when they said this was a gentle cleanse. 

Here's a pic of the DIY dresser. Debating doing a post on it: 

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