Saturday, August 10, 2013

Advocare Day 6

Yesterday was day six!! (Friday) I'm entering the home stretch! 

Breakfasts and snacks were the same. Oatmeal, fruit, pb, nuts. 

Lunch^ was leftover crock pot chicken. 

Dinner^ was easy --shredded rotisserie chicken from Walmart deli and steamed broccoli (from a steamer bag thing). 

I did not technically workout, but we moved furniture in the house and I played around with redecorating for a few hours, so I never sat still. 

Today (Saturday-day 7) is the first day I'm craving anything--not sure if its just because its Saturday and I usually have a big breakfast or because of the cleanse. I won't be working out today either--ima be turning a dresser into a tv stand like a DIY pro. I hope. Pictures to come!!! 

(Also-still no emergency bathroom situations, if you're curious. But damn I feel good!!) 

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Lauryn Roth said...

haha im glad you are feeling great! i cant wait to see your re do and your eats! Im so proud of you doing so well!!!