Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week wrap up and Memphis plans

I wish I had a ton of cute 4th of July photos to show you, but I don’t. I’ve worked all week, and while we DID go to my husband’s grandmother’s house for a cookout when I got off work on the 4th, I didn’t take any photos and we only stayed a couple of hours.
BJ has a 4 day break this weekend because of the holiday, and I have a 0 day break. Which sucks. Getting up early and getting ready for work while he’s still snuggly in bed with nothing to really worry about for the day.....Ugh. It’s just jealousy. And I just miss my husband. :) Of course.
Last night we grilled turkey burgers and ate on the deck. The weather here in Arkansas has been strangely wonderful for this time of year, and we enjoyed being outside! Well, the humans did. All Jeffery wanted to do was whine about other dogs/people he could hear. Shoot me. Leave it to that dog to make a fun time stressful. We had an OFF! candle lit so the bugs weren’t really bad either. BJ picked me up some cupcake brand white wine and we had a relaxing night!  
After dinner I took a LOOOONG shower and then we watched another episode of The Game of Thrones. We’re near the end of season two. There are some episodes I don’t really care for, your grace—the more political ones. I think my favorite story line is khaleesi. I’m reading the book too, so that’s helped keep everything straight some I guess. I need to catch up though, I’m behind in the book and it’s starting to confuse me. 
I’m loving LOVING the car we got. SUV. Whatever. If I had known what a newer car would be like I probably would’ve looked for one sooner.  It starts on the first try every time, the air works, and there’s no oil leak. WINNING.
I’ve been planning our trip to Memphis next weekend, and I’m getting for real excited about it.  What makes it even more exciting is that I was gifted a Mini Spa Day at Gould’s.

I asked my dad to ask his Memphis friend where a good place would be for a massage, so that I wouldn’t end up at a ghetto place. Let's be real here, it's Memphis. Even though I lived there for 2 ½ years, I never got a massage while I was there so I don’t know of a good place.
Well, he decided he’d just get me a gift card for the place his daughter goes. Right? I almost cried. I’ve never had a “spa day” and I am so, so grateful. That man is so generous. This isn’t the first time he’s done something incredibly thoughtful like this for me. I’m getting an hour facial and an hour relaxation massage :) OMG. So. Excited.
Here's the facial description: 

And the massage description: 

Also talked BJ into getting a massage too—so he’ll be trying it out with me. We scheduled it at the Gould’s in the Peabody downtown, so we literally just have to walk down the street to it. While I’m not a “downtown/beale” person, and wasn’t when I lived there, it’ll be nice to go get a drink and not have to worry about driving/parking. And it’ll be nice to walk back to my hotel room after my insanely relaxing massage/facial happens.
Another exciting thing, I remembered I had a spray tan left on my account at Tan N Go before I moved away, and so I called to make sure. I had bought/used them pre-wedding. It had expired, but the girl is going to let me come in anyway! Jesus I miss Memphis.
Ima come back looking like a princess! Facial, massage, spray tan, hotel room. Aka heaven.
So far, here’s what we’ve got planned:
Friday night dinner at the Majestic Grille (way cute date night place, walking distance from hotel). Maybe go somewhere for a drink after.
Saturday morning spa day, lunch somewhere. Saturday night Restaurant Iris.  (Crazy excited about that—I was real lucky to get a table there –even though I called a month in advance. Never been to that kind of place!)
Sunday morning brunch at the Beauty Shop (my favorite brunch in Memphis). Sunday afternoon we’re touring the Gibson guitar factory (BJ is excited) Then I’m getting my free spray tan before we head back home.
Busy, but not cray busy.
I’m also thinking about trying out Automatic Slims, the Twilight sky terrace place, and South of Beale. Never been to any of these, so that'll be exciting!!
Yes those are all food/drink places. Whatever. I miss living in a city where there’s exciting non-chain places to go. I'll probably document everything on instagram if you're curious @samsmithgriffin.
I guess this post was kind of scattered. I’m sure you can handle that though.
Have a safe weekend and don’t be the people I see on the news. Laters.

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Lauryn Roth said...

ahh im so jealous that sounds amazing!!! i love memphis...went about 12 yrs ago and i miss it! I was just a young teen then but we went to the peabody and saw the ducks (stayed at the holiday inn) and walked all over beale st, etc. I was a HUGE Elvis fan so of course we toured Graceland. Love it, take pics please!?!??