Friday, July 19, 2013

Thursday Food/Plans

Yesterday I didn't know what I wanted for lunch, so I packed a little of everything. 

This was different from the stuff I've been bringing for lunch lately so I was pretty excited about it! Lately I've been having Ezekiel bread (original kind) with cheese and Boar's Head jerk turkey from the deli at Kroger... with spicy mustard/mayo made with olive oil. Gotta have mustard and may because the bread is so thick! ITS SO GOOD. And I am NOT a sandwich person. So yeah, that's my favorite lunch here lately. But we were out of turkey (coughHUSBANDcough hahaha) so I didn't know what I wanted to bring.

So basically, that lunch ^^ is healthy fats with some fruit/veggies. It was yummy and it kept me full for a few hours. [strawberries, blueberries and cherries, mixed nuts--almonds-cashews-sunflower seeds, yellow cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, hummus, a tiny bit of arugula, 2 green olives and a light string cheese....basically a bunch of snacks]

Thursday night I went and painted pottery with my BFF. (Again). We love to paint some pottery. 

We both did a wine bottle cooler/holder thing. 

I hope it looks okay after it's fired! I had so much fun doing this one.

The bottom

And even then you can have champagne. :) 

This G on Pinterest was my letter inspiration. I free handed it onto the pottery, so it looks a little sloppy. But I like it. This is my favorite pottery I've done so far, so I really hope it turns out just as cute when it's finished! 

The weekly local paper did an article on my grandma. She really liked getting interviewed. She's adorable. I need to go by the paper office and buy a couple extras to keep with some family history I've written down. Bill (my papaw) looks so happy in that photo (bottom right of the newspaper) that my heart wants to break. 

I'm feeling pretty good on the second half of my antibiotics (no rash anymore!! I can wear regular pants and not feel like I'm dying a slow death!! Holllla!), so I think I'm going to try the gym out on Sunday.

I'm excited! I can't believe I've actually missed working out. I've missed sweating. Cray. 

In case you're confused about the pants comment ^^, my rash was on my thighs above my knees. So jeans/skinny cotton pants/pajamas made me thrash and burn like folks in the 7th circle of hell.

The high temps in Arkansas have not helped either! It's the worst time of the year to have something like that going on. I would not wish that on my worst enemy. Not even the girl that stole my bf in 9th grade. Don't worry. I got him back.


I'll be starting 10k training at the end of the month, hell... I may start that on Sunday too. I keep asking my BFF if she's going to do it with me and I can never get a straight answer out of her. Ima keep askin. 

AMY do you want to do a 10K with me????

Cleanse is tentatively scheduled for Sunday August 4. Ima stock up on produce (probably at Sam's) with my mom on Saturday and food prep that day--then start it Sunday morning. 

It's Friday, but today is not my "Friday." I teach a knitting workshop at my work tomorrow. Which is fun, but I'd rather be at home with my man. 

Trying to keep a good attitude, finish this medicine and get on with my life!!! I need to get my workouts back in gear, finish this cleanse and lose my last 15 pounds. 

Y'all have a good weekend! Don't be the people I see on the news. 

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Lauryn Roth said...

glad u are feeling better hun, how sweet of your grandpas name was Bill too! hahha