Thursday, July 11, 2013

This weekend getaway

Is still happening as far as I know. 

Antibiotics-for-weird-skin-problems-that-won't-go-away be damned. :) 

Things are a little better. I may have to cancel my massage, but that leaves me with a reason to go back to Memphis soon. 

Hopefully I won't have to cancel it though. I'm hoping that overnight I'll magically get better. Cross your fingers y'all. 

After I get off work today... in like an hour and a half....if I survive at this desk that long....I'll go home and get to doctoring myself up. Am I allergic to something? Am I a leper? :) jkjk At this point I dunno and don't care. I just want these itchy red dots gone. 

I have a 4 day weekend that maybe should be spent at home getting better. But I've been looking forward to this little trip for months. MONTHS. So I'm effing frustrated that my body chose NOW to freak out. 

So tonight there will be medicating and pampering. Tomorrow I will pack us and get us ready to leave, and when BJ gets home at like 1:45 we'll head for Memphis. And hopefully I won't be miserable the whole time. 

And to leave on a funny note, here's an editorial letter that was published in a weekly newspaper for the small town I work in. 

"What the hell is wrong with people?" 

I ask myself that quite often, concerned citizen. 

Quite often. 

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