Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The great race debate

So I'm considering doing a 10k this November. Training for that 10k would start at the end of August--probably sooner if I've learned anything in this past year. 

Here's the debate. 
I hate 5ks. Seriously. I've done two, and they were just okay. The last mile always, ALWAYS, pisses me off. Do I need to get great at 5ks before I do a 10k? I dunno. 

There's a 10k in November (Saturday after Thanksgiving) in my hometown. I think it'd be a nice thing to aim for. So, that's what I'm doing I guess. Aiming. 

I looked at my 10k training app and it doesn't start out much different than the couch to 5k app. 

60 seconds jogging with 90 seconds walking is an easy start. So that's encouraging. 

It's on the table. I'll say that much. Definitely considering it. 

I'll also probably be doing a 5k in the early fall with Amy again. Maybe I can get BJ to do that one too. :) 

Y'all have any 10k training advice? I'd be grateful for any tips. I know it's just a mental thing. I know that. My body can do it, my mind would probably like to think differently!! 

And just so this post isn't too black and white, here's a picture of my breakfast this morning and my yummy grilled dinner last night (grilled corn not pictured) 

Clean eating is way yummy sometimes :) 

Laters y'all. 

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