Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Slaw" recipe

This was dinner the other night. And it was cray good. Bj grilled the steak and I took care of the rest. 

Pictured: Roasted asparagus, tomatoes with basil, steak, and this new "cole slaw" recipe I tried. It was so crispy and tangy and it was super easy to make. I used a version of it the day after for a mexican topping (instead of lettuce). 

1) shredded red cabbage
2) shredded carrots 
3) shredded zucchini 
4) olive oil 
5) red wine vinegar 
6)sunflower seeds 
7) salt and pepper 

I bought the cabbage and carrots pre-shredded. Because I'm lazy. 

I shredded the zucchini using a grater. This was surprisingly easy. Then added all three shredded veggies into a bowl.
Next I poured in some sunflower seeds (around 1/4 cup), a couple tablespoons of both the oil and vinegar, and added some S & P until I was happy (we like lots of pepper). 

It was really fast and super easy. Husband approved.  The next day we had chipotle inspired burrito bowls and I made the same thing to use as a topping. I left out the sunflower seeds and the oil though. It was crunchy and added in some fiber! 

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