Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Protein Balls

You’ve seen it on pinterest. Maybe instagram.

I decided to try it for myself. This is one of the recipes I tried Monday after I got home from the grocery store.
I tried my hand at the protein ball craze.

It was so easy, but there is something I will do differently next time. I’ll get to that later.
First, this is the stuff I used (minus the cinnamon, I ended up not using that)

From left to right—
1.       Justin’s honey peanut butter
2.       Justin’s maple almond butter
3.       Fischer’s honey
4.       Kroger brand old fashioned rolled oats (That container was only $1.59 this week)
5.       Vanilla extract
6.       Dark chocolate chunks
7.       Milled flaxseed
8.       And the unlabeled container is my protein powder (banana flavor)

In a bowl, I dumped in:
--2 cups of oats (actually measured this)
--a glob of peanut butter/almond butter combination (around ¾ cup)
--I estimated 1/3 cup of honey—because I wasn’t about to get a measuring cup sticky with honey
--2-3 teaspoons of vanilla
--½ cup chocolate chunks
--½ cup flaxseed
--1 scoop of my protein powder. (it's banana flavored, and it's awesome.)

I started mixing all of this with a spatula, but then just went at it with my hands because it was taking too long. It got messy. I took my wedding rings off so I didn't get them gross---but it was way easier than using a spatula.

Later, when I was rolling them up, I didn’t feel they were “wet” enough. So I added more peanut butter and honey. This is what I would do differently next time: I would buy peanut butter specifically to use for this recipe, instead of skimping on dumping my pricey Justin's brand in there. I'd use the low sodium natural Jif next time. They needed to be creamier to make better balls (that just sounds funny) but I was not about to use the rest of my yummy fancy nut butters to make balling them easier on me. I like that stuff too much by itself!!
Also, I'd use mini chocolate chips instead of chunks. I just couldn't find any mini DARK chocolate chips yesterday so I went with the chunks. They're just a little too big to be in there I think!! 
All of the ingredients should be used to your liking—omit/add anything you want and keep adding stuff until you get the texture you want.  They were really easy and almost error proof. No need to measure really, just eye ball everything until you get your ideal consistency.  

I rolled until I was tired of rolling (made about 30 balls ...with some extra that I pressed into a tupperware to see if I could cut some squares out later, like brownies) and stuck the balls in the freezer for a few minutes to help set the shape.  
You can keep them out on the counter or in the fridge... I chose the fridge because it only seems like the right thing to do. Even though nothing I used was dairy/needed to stay cold. Whatever.
They’re yummy and portable (i.e. CONVENIENT). I divided a few of these balls into ziplocks and that’s what me and BJ took for breakfast this morning. I ate them in the car, there was no mess! 

That's always good. I also made a HUGE 20 oz soy iced coffee to go with them. So yeah it was a good morning.

Also, some of my posts are out of order...not sure why? We all know how great blogger is though. And maybe I don't know what I'm doing on top of that. It's all relative. Whatevs. haha. Laters y'all!

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Lauryn Roth said...

oohhh that is sooo cool!!! WHERE do you find the justin peanut butter!!??? I have the almond but i dont think i have seen the PB!! Do you know how many calories they end up being LOL? Looks delicious!