Sunday, July 14, 2013

Memphis Recap

There are so many pictures in this post. It's kind of ridiculous. 

I've told you about Friday's doings with the yummy meal slash crappy service at the Majestic Grille. 

Then I posted at 3 am about not being able to sleep. Well, I couldn't go to sleep after that at all so Saturday was fueled by 4 ish hours of ZzzZzzz's. Somehow I managed. I was so pumped to be there that I really didn't care. 

Saturday morning we had breakfast delivered to our room. Toast, fruit, OJ, coffee. It was yummy. I love getting room service. It feels so glamorous. 

I put on a casual dress and we went downstairs, and crossed the street to the Peabody. It took maybe 4 minutes from our room. That's how far we had to go to get to Gould's spa. aka heaven. 

Love the checkered floor! 

We checked in and were brought back to the "serenity waiting area." I changed into a wrap, robe and slippers and we filled out the paperwork saying we weren't pregnant and we hadnt had surgery. 

Then we went to our separate rooms and got a 1 hour relaxation massage. After that, I met Bj in the waiting area and we talked a few minutes until my facial girl came to fetch me. 

Stop trying to make fetch happen. It's not going to happen. 

Then I went back for my 1 hr facial and Bj went to the Peabody lobby and took advantage of the bloody Mary bar. He got an extra shot in his, so he was happy to have to wait on me I'm sure :) 

I met him there and then we went to have brunch at a place he picked called The Brass Door. It's an Irish pub. Pretty cool looking. And it had a huge brass door of course. 

Bj got some weird looking poached egg thing. Of course. Hes so adventurous. I got toast that had spinach, eggs and goat cheese on it. With some taters. 

I also tried ghost river (beer). And loved it, then found out its brewed in Memphis and loved it even more. I love that about Memphis!! Places really try and use as much local products as possible. 

Here I am all fresh faced at The Brass Door. Didn't wanna put on any makeup after I had all those creams and masks on my face. 

Then we went out and about in town to a few of my favorite places.

First BJ had a romantic surprise. He brought me to the place he got his proposal flowers from and I got to make a bouquet. I don't know if anywhere in Arkansas does this--but I got to walk into the fridge room and just pick the blooms I wanted from the buckets. 

My flowers only cost $10 

Then we made a couple stops at some shops I love, and later we headed back to the hotel to relax until it was time for our reservation at restaurant iris. 

One of those shops happened to be my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BAKERY IN THE WORLD --Muddy's Bake Shop. 

My favorite cupcakes are the Capote (vanilla frosting/chocolate cake) and the Prozac (chocolate on chocolate...great name right?! Haha) and this time I tried some vegan chocolate peanut butter bars from the cooler. SOOOO GOOOOOOD. Like Reese's. only with rice Krispy treats in them. Seriously

Then we got ready and went to dinner. 

I tried a new thing with my hair, curling it with a straightener. It worked out pretty well, but I need some practice. 

The restaurant was so romantic. 

Had some killer Brussels sprouts. 

Then went back to the hotel and walked across the street to hang out at the Peabody bar. 

And this happened. 


Then Sunday morning we got breakfast at Dunkin Donuts and went to tour the Gibson guitar factory. 

It was interesting even for me, and I'm not a guitar player. 

And then (finally) we headed home. Home sweet home. I had so much fun, and really loved having uninterrupted time with my husband. But man I was missing our house. 

I'm so glad I'm off work tomorrow. Need to grocery shop and all kindsa stuff. Gotta pick up the pup from my parents one night this week too. Busy week!! 

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Lauryn Roth said...

girl that looks so awesome!!! im so jealous and what a deal for flowers!!!