Monday, July 22, 2013

Kate Middleton Obsessed. An Essay. By Samantha Griffin.

I have a girl crush on Kate Middleton.

(I think my friend Lauryn does too.)
My husband, as you can imagine, is aware of this. And probably laughing that I did a post about it. The other day he asked me why everyone was so obsessed with Kate Middleton. “Everyone” as in America…since she has nothing to do with us. And the royal family isn’t necessary for their country to run. And their extravagant life is limited to their bloodline. He sees me watching E! news and they report on her/her pregnancy like they do the Kardashians/Kim’s pregnancy—as if Kate has something to do with America.

 I mean he’s right. The obsession with her is obvious by how media outlets from all over the world have been camped out at the hospital since early July –just waiting on her to have the royal baby--and she just now went into labor 3 weeks later. Sucks for them, waiting all this time.
How do I explain why I woke up at 4am the morning of my master’s thesis defense, not to prepare for it… but to see what Kate’s wedding dress looked like? He rolled over and mumbled something about how I was crazy and then went back to sleep.

It’s just like the obsession with Princess Diana, I think (kind of before my time). Even though I was young, I can kind of remember the craze over Princess Diana. I remember my mom tearing up when the news reported her death.  I didn’t really understand why my mom was upset, but I knew it was a sad situation. I think I was 8 years old. We were in the living room and she was folding laundry when the report came on. The fact I remember that so well says something.
Well now 20 years later we’ve got Kate, and I can see why my mom cared. I’m not sure if I can explain it where my husband will understand, but I can try.

I see her kind of as a character in an exciting real life fairy tale. She’s normal, pretty, dresses really well, behaves like a normal person, became royalty, and now she’s having a baby—a royal baby. How fascinating for regular girls like me to watch!

(From what I know…from the media) She met William in college, and didn’t swoon after him like he was a prince.  She didn’t need him, cling to him, beg for him (that anyone knows of—this is just how she was portrayed in the media). They broke up, she did her own thing. He came back. He needed her too! How cute is that? How normal is that?

Then they get engaged and she’s wearing Diana’s famous sapphire. Be still my beating heart, how romantic is that. She wore a pretty blue dress to match it, and in their engagement photos/interview they seemed giddy. Just like I was when I got engaged.

She went from normal (ok I guess her family has more $$ than the majority of people…but still a normal ish girl) to marrying a prince. With that, a shit ton of pressure/stress to come with it. And we have not seen her partying, any drug/alcohol abuse, no extravagant purchases…
In fact, she wears clothes I could buy. And some of those clothes wouldn’t be much of a splurge (some would). Oh and those clothes I could afford even look like something I WOULD wear. And I love to see what she’s wearing and what she’s doing. So does the rest of the world.

Just a girl crush, BJ. Just be glad its her and not Kim K ;)

All photos are from google images. In case you're wondering. 

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Lauryn Roth said...

haha you crack me up!! I know, I loves her! I think princess Di would totally approve. I think my kate obsession stems from my william crush i had as a child! LOL Now that he is balding..not so much...but I love them. I do, cant help it! Oh and I totally remember that I was at the beach, it was labor day weekend, I think I was 12 and we were watching the news in our hotel when I found out about princess diana. So weird we both remember that!