Friday, July 5, 2013

back to business. soon.

I’ve been posting a lot of “what I’ve been up to” posts and not really any “how I’m getting fit” posts lately. The reason behind that is kind of weird. Me and the husband have both had a skin rash going on that gets worse with heat/sweat/hot clothing. I’m not going to go into detail about it, but it has been really miserable. We haven’t worked out in a couple weeks and our eating has been pretty meh too. Not bad, but we’ve eaten out a few times more than normal.
I still haven’t gained any weight, so that’s good. In case you’re new here, I’ve been stuck between 155-160 for 6 months now. Losing the same few lbs I guess. It’s gone on for long enough. Time for a new plan I guess.
That’s where I came up with this cleanse idea.  Some bloggers I like to follow have tried it, and it seemed to get their eating cleaned up and their weight loss back on track. Shipped, it was around $40 --for everything you need for the ten days. I hear the citrus is disgusting, so I got the peaches and cream flavor.
I’ll be starting it later this month…
Because next weekend me and BJ are going to spend the weekend in Memphis. (yaaaaaayyyy!) I WILL NOT be doing a cleanse while I’m away from home. When I get back from that, then I have the Advocare herbal cleanse waiting on me.  I plan on food prepping Monday July 15 and starting the cleanse on Tuesday July 16.  
My mom is doing it with me. God help her, I’m not sure if she’ll survive it. The words “no dairy” don’t make any sense to her.
Anyway. With the cleanse lasting ten days, I should be finished the night of Thursday July 25. I’ll weigh the morning before-- the 15th and again the morning after-- the 26.
Things I’m dreading:
·         No alcohol [not even wine :( ]
·         No coffee. Eff.
·         No cheese.
·         No chocolate (even the organic/better ingredient kind)
But I guess it’s just for ten days, and if it gets me headed towards more weight loss surely I can keep myself in line. I'd like to lose another 15 ish pounds. After that, I will reassess, but reaching 140 seems like a good goal to have right now.
The cleanse information says for better results to only have fruits and vegetables on the first day (for all meals and snacks after breakfast). I’m going to attempt that! I have a shopping list and a meal plan all ready to go, that I plan on uploading here. Might have to get my genius husband to help me with that. (please babe? thanks.)

I do not sell Advocare. I am not promoting a specific distributor or product. I’m not being paid to try this, even though that would be really nice if there are any takers.

Until next time my lovlies. 


Jess @ Operation Skinny Jeans said...

Good luck with the Advocare!! I did it and I kinda cheated on the eating thing so I could have done better. But it is totally worth it to stick with it!

Lauryn Roth said...

Im so jelly. I totally want to know your take on this! I need a cleanse...NOW lol. I have gained 11 lbs since march as of this fat morning. AHHHHHHHHHH, yes please share your plans here lol