Thursday, June 6, 2013

Results of a Nightmare


Last night I decided to set an alarm for 5 so that by 530 ish me and Bj could be up and maybe going for a run. 

Thank god I set that alarm, it woke me up from THE WORST nightmare I have ever had. 

I've had some scary creepy dreams before. That have left me feeling strange all day. This one? Worst fear. 

I had my sleep next to BJ. 

And the rest of the dream was me trying to tell him I loved him and that I was sorry and trying to hug him. (As a ghost I guess?) I wanna cry right now just thinking about it. I woke up sobbing. To a 5am alarm. 

Thank god for that alarm---I was miserable. Didn't wanna see ANYMORE of that sad shit. 

So by then I couldn't --WOULDN'T --go back to sleep. So I dragged bj's sleepy cuddly butt outta bed and we did a day from week 3 of c25k. We skipped the last 1:30 minute run because he was wanting to be sure he wasn't late (this morning stuff is new to us) but it was still a good workout!! 

So, even though I had an awful nightmare I'm glad I was able to get outta bed early this morning. At least there's that. 

I effing love my husband. BJ? I don't ever lose you. Even in a dream!! 

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