Monday, June 3, 2013

Muscle Mania Measurement Results

Kim Kardashian is having a girl. 
And in other news, I've lost some inches: 

Body part/May 1/June 1
Hips/41.5/40.75 (-.75)
Waist/38.5/37 (-1.5)
Thigh/24.75/24.5 (-.25)

2.5 inches!! 
I'll take it!!

Onto food. 
Stopped logging calories. 
Started eating cleaner. 

(on Sunday. ) I've realized everyone has their own definition of clean, so I'm going to have to set some guidelines for myself. 

I consider this my "eating clean" plan

Stuff I know is pretty clean as the majority of my diet, including--
Lean Meats (cooked myself) 
^^the best I can afford (organic/grass fed/or wears a golden crown while grazing, etc) 
Pb2/jif natural peanut butter with low sodium
Ezekiel bread --love this stuff  
Whole grain pasta--but not often! 
Brown rice/quinoa/couscous 
Black coffee 
Fruit leather 
Beans (occasionally canned ones with no added salt--Bc they're way easier than the dry kind!) 

Things that aren't considered clean that I still plan on consuming: 
Luna protein bars (chocolate/pb) 
Gummy vitamins. Because duh. 
Whole wheat tortilla shells 
Morningstar products 
Probably Cheerios 
Salad dressings with low sugar content and few ingredients
And most importantly --soy milk!! 

Basically cutting fake sugar, fast food and other crap. 

This probably isn't a complete list. But this is as far as I've gotten. My hubs says he already feels better, so at least there's that!! I would really like a peanut butter fudge milk shake from sonic right now though. Whatevs. I'll survive without it. 

Tried fish again and liked it this time!! BJ made some lemon pepper tilapia. 

*******I am aware I didn't mention cheese up there in my list. Still deciding on what I want to do with that...

I've read it's not technically clean, but the closest thing would be a block of full fat cheese you slice/grate yourself. 

Gotta think about this one. It's really the only dairy I eat. To be determined. 

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Lauryn Roth said...

very cool, i am excited to see more recipes and meals from you and see how this goes for you! i need to take the plunge myself!