Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's been a week or so..

Since I've posted right? How did that happen!!

The past week has kinda flown by. 

Updates: I've been getting up early most days and I really love it when it actually happens! Me and BJ ran once in the morning last week too. It's been nice having extra time in the morning. I like not rushing!! 

I still don't like my 40 minute commute--but whatever. Eventually that might change! 

Updated progress photo--June 2012 and  just a few weeks ago: 

Praise all that's good for having smaller (more manageable) boobs haha. 

Been eating mainly like this ^ the past couple weeks and not logging anything. My goal was to eat more REAL food. It's going good! I started relogging calories  today just to see what I've really been eating calorie wise. So far so good. But it's just 10 am hahaha. 

Also my hubs got his white coat on Friday. The whole fam was there--his side and my side. Ain't he adorable?! 

Lastly, a selfie. 

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