Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday: Overnight Oats & PB2


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This morning I weighed in at: 156.4

That's a .4 loss, and I'll gladly take it! 

This week I've kept up with my Muscle Mania workouts and I did L1D9 of the shred last night. I feel strong! Or like I'm getting strong at least. 

Lately when I've been getting my yoga mat out for the shred, Jeff gives up on life for awhile and takes a nap. Today I decided to snap a photo of it. 

Onto food, my favorite subject: 

First try with steel cut oats. I recommend regular oats!

So I tried some of the overnight oats all my online friends have been raving about. My first try was with steel cut oats, and they were just okay.

This morning I tried them with regular oats (NOT the quick kind, just the regular) and they were pretty good! Tomorrow I'm going to use more toppings though, because this morning I only mixed in some PB2 (which I love beeteedubs) and it just needed a banana or some strawberry jelly mixed in! I got so thirsty eating it with just the PB2 in it. 

I've been wanting to try it for awhile, but I didn't want to pay shipping from an online shop.  The price to ship it made a cheap product double in price. So I stumbled across it at Kroger when I was taking advantage of the Luna bar mark downs (that's when I try new flavors) and it was under $5!! Score. 

Here's to keeping this awesome routine up for the rest of this week!!! I'm feeling great. 
Ima keep up the Muscle Mania and the 30DS, and keep chugging water. I've got a three day weekend this weekend (beginning Thursday night!)...y'all know why??


That means I get my husband back y'all. 

And we're off three days together before he starts school next Monday. Which is a little nerve wracking, but at least I won't be home alone at night anymore!! HOLLA!! 

That's all for today's WIW y'all. Check ya later. 

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Lauryn Roth said...

that is totally awesome hubby gets to be home I know you are thrilled!!! i really need to try some pb2...