Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday: May Plans

It's Weigh in Wednesday again. Geez! Seems like the weeks have been flying by. 

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I weighed in at 156.8 this morning. That's one pound down from last week's weigh in, holla!! 

On to more exciting things. I have some huge plans for May.

May 2 marks my one year fitnessversary. I made that word up. 
And so I wanted to do something kind of big this month. I've lost 30 ish pounds since May 2 2012, and I need to make that 30 turn into 50 this year.

I have taken my beginning measurements and I'm ready to kick some ass. 

For May 2013, I am combining this Muscle Mania May calendar from Back on Pointe with 30DS and C25K. 

Uhhhmmmm and in that case, I'll also be increasing my calories from 1400 to 1600 because this will be more physical activity than I've done in awhile. 200 star jumps? Oh dear god. 

Below is my handwritten calendar that is hanging in my kitchen.  It has the exercises from the cute blue calendar above on it, with 30-DS and C25K workouts written in. 

And below are my cute Disney princess stickers I'm going to use to mark the days I do the workouts. Presumably this thing with be smothered in stickers at the end of the month.  
104 stickers for .98 at wally world 

Here are May's blog plans: 

Mondays- May Muscle Mania Monday, with the previous week's recap- MMMM 4M  
(...too many m's? Whatever. I was going to do it on Fridays and it just didn't make sense)

Wednesdays- Weigh in Wednesday usual link up- WIW

Other days- Random shiz

If you wanna join in on Muscle Mania you still have time!!! Email or comment here if you're interested in doing a link up or just following along. It's always more fun when you're not alone!

So that's it for WIW this week! A one pound loss and a crazy plan for May. 


Shesabigstar said...

You are going to rock this month! Now that you've lost 30 lbs. can you imagine having gone this whole last year with that extra 30 lbs. on your body?! You've done so well... I know that next 20 lbs. will come off for you too!

The Nanny Jenny said...

I love those stickers, the are adorable and I would be so motivated by them, I am sure you will do fantastic this month!

Anonymous said...

You are going to kill it in May!

Lauryn Roth said...

i love the disney stickers! Hey i have a fitnessversary too it like july 5 or some craziness. I feel lik ei should have lost more weight by now lol