Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday and a Confession

Here we are at another Weigh in Wednesday!! You can check out all of my WIW posts here

I got this up a little later than normal, sorry guys! I'm off work today and things have been cray around my house since Sunday! So this morning has been nothing but a catch up game. I forgot to weigh in when I woke up, so this WIW won't have an actual number for you. I would guess my weights around the same, 156-157 range. 

This week has been different because BJ started PA school this week, I'm randomly off work on a Wednesday, and our usual relaxing Sunday was filled with Mother's Day activity. While I'm THRILLED to have BJ home at night, I have GOT to get it together workout/food wise.  It's been a scattered few nights. 

Sunday was a rest day, so I had that done easy :)

Here's where my confession begins.

Monday I did my muscle mania workout, but not the running I had added on top (me and BJ went out to dinner celebrating his first night home!)

Tuesday I didn't do anything. I had muscle mania and 30ds 2-1 planned.  Me and BJ both were worn out (it's my TOM, so maybe that's why, I felt awful!). The amazing part--BJ took his first nap (since we've been together at least haha) with me! I'm a napper. He's not. 

And today is Wednesday and I forgot to weigh in. Man. This week is just, sucking so far. I need to get with it!! 

So today, since I'm off work, I'm making up for my missed workouts:

C25K 2-3 (with BJ when he gets home)
90 star jumps 
50 crunches 
40 second side plank
30 DS 2-1
27 push ups 
50 squats 
45 second plank 

I may die. Remember me fondly. 


katie@thecarbmonster said...

I've been trying to not weigh-in everyday since I realized it affects how the rest of my week I didn't weigh-in today either haha. Damn girl, you got an insane workout plan! Get it, get it!

Lauryn's Loosin It said...

I know what you mean those hubs are precious but they can throw us off track LOL! your still doing great though girl :)