Thursday, May 16, 2013

Update on Yesterday

It turned out to be a really great day.
I ate breakfast (overnight oats, strawberries and honey) and watched New Girl on the DVR. 

I went to Little Rock and picked up BJ's books for school (a whopping $860 dollars worth). 

Got home, cleaned up around the house (vacuumed, dishes, put up three loads of laundry, etc).
Then watched the Mindy Project. 

And then I really got my act together, and did this:

Muscle Mania Workout One: 90 star jumps, 50 crunches, 40 second side plank
Muscle Mania Workout Two: 27 push ups, 50 squats, 45 second plank
Then I did 30DS Level 2-Day 1

After that I figured I should chill out some. So I paid some bills, packed my lunch for tomorrow, and some other house wifey stuff until BJ got home. After he changed clothes we did C25K 2-3.

I felt amazing. I smelled disgusting.

So mission accomplished--killed it! My HRM said I burned like 899 calories total, and I didn't even have it running while I did housework. Feels good. And I didn't die. So there's that. 

Today I need to do 50 sit ups, 50 lunges, 90 star jumps, and the shred level 2. Ima do it y'all!

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