Monday, May 20, 2013

Muscle Mania Third Week Results

Sorry I got this up so late guys. I've been busy busy busy!! 
This past week has gone really well!! I've stayed between 1400-1500 calories most days and I've really been on top of my workouts. I think I'm gaining muscle y'all!! 

Monday May 13-25 push ups, 40 lunges, 40 second plank. C25K 2-3
Actual- did the muscle mania (push ups lunges and plank) but didn't run. Went on a date with my husband instead. 

Tuesday May 14-90 star jumps, 50 crunches, 40 second side plank, 30DS 2-1
Actual- DIDN'T DO ANY OF IT. Shame shame. Took a nap with my husband instead. Am I seeing a pattern? Ha. 
Wednesday May 15-27 push ups, 50 squats, 45 second plank, C25K 3-1
Actual-Did yesterday's muscle mania I missed, plus today's. WHEW. Kill me now. Also did C25K (2-3 since I skipped Mondays) AND 30 DS. Holla! I was worn the eff out after all this. 
Thursday May 16- 50 sit ups, 50 lunges, 90 star jumps, 30DS 2-2
Actual-Did all of it--50 sit ups, 50 lunges, 90 star jumps, 30DS 2-2, AND 110 squats at my desk, for the hell of it. 
Friday May 17-30 push ups, 100 star jumps, 60 crunches, C25K 3-2
Actual-Did the muscle mania--30 push ups, 100 star jumps, 60 crunches, but not the running, because we closed on our house refinancing that night. Good reason to miss :) 
Saturday May 18- 60 lunges, 60 squats, 50 second plank
Actual-C25K 3-2 from yesterday, and all the muscle mania--60 lunges, 60 squats, 50 second plank
Sunday May 19- rest 
Actual- rested 

Disney princess party on my calendar!! 

Next week--
Monday May 20-34 push ups, 60 sit ups, 50 sec plank. C25K 3-2.
Tuesday May 21-65 crunches, 115 star jumps, 60 sec plank. 30DS 2-3.
Wednesday May 22-38 push ups, 65 lunges, 65 squats, C25K 3-3.
Thursday May 23-70 sit ups, 70 squats, 70 sec side plank. 
Friday May 24-40 push ups, 130 star jumps, 75 lunges, C25K 4-1.
Saturday May 25- 80 squats, 80 crunches, 8- sec plank. 30DS 2-4. 
Sunday May 26- 45 push ups, 85 squats, 85 lunges. C25K 5-1. 

Before a run last week!! 

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