Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Recap and Muscle Mania Update

Happy Memorial Day y’all!! I’m grateful for all the service men and women who keep us safe to do as we please!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful day playing outside. I’m stuck inside at work today, but I had Saturday and Sunday off and I had a ton of fun this weekend with both me and BJ’s families. BJ needed to study today anyway, and I bank a vacation day for coming in, so it’s no big deal!

{If you're looking at this on a computer, the pictures might be blurry. Something is up with the blogger app (as usual) But it should look normal on a phone!}
Before I disappoint you with my Muscle Mania May update, I’m going to tell you about what we did this weekend!

Friday night after I got home from work we went to a cookout at BJ’s aunt’s house. His mom’s side of the family was there and I had so much fun. The chili dogs were YUMMY. I haven’t had chili dogs in years.
Saturday we got up and tried to get McDonalds for breakfast, but they didn’t have their act together so we went to Waffle House. We had no groceries at the house to make anything. And I was disregarding calories, obviously.  I made a habit of that Friday night-Sunday night.
After Waffle House we went to the local Farmer’s Market because I wanted some strawberries! They were sold out though, so I left empty handed. But BJ brought me to another farm stand across town and I got some there. Then we went to Wal-Mart and got groceries for the next week.
When we got home I saw my fit box came in from my partner Carmen! It was awesome! There’s some stuff in here I haven’t tried, and I was really excited! She even got me Razorback Band-Aids (Arkansas’ football mascot).
Here’s the fit box I mailed her.

Saturday night we went to BJ’s dad’s house and drank by the pool.  More hot dogs were consumed.
BJ tried Pabst Blue Ribbon this weekend (can’t believe he’d never had it) and he decided that he approves.

Sunday we slept in and I made smoothies for breakfast.
My family came over around 2:30. We grilled hamburgers and sausage. I made pasta salad the night before from this recipe… only I used plain pasta instead of cheese filled tortellini, since it was a side dish. For dessert I made shortcake from scratch and whipped cream (from scratch too) and so we had strawberry short cakes! (Used the strawberries from the farm stand)

Then, we tackled our landscaping. Thank god my family knows how to do stuff like that—me and BJ were completely clueless on where to start and we’re grateful my family volunteered to help us! Everything got trimmed down, we put down some edging and mulch and I planted some begonias. And I got a cute turquoise chair for the porch.
Before (with my dad checking out the bushes--asked him to pose)

Home Depot haul

The baby birds living in one of our bushes even survived the redo—although one jumped ship and ran away during the middle of it.

Right when we got back to the house from Home Depot with the mulch and edging (and cute chair) it started to storm. Out of nowhere. I guess I hadn’t been paying attention to the weather! It snuck up on us. Luckily it blew over and we finished the landscaping with it only sprinkling on us. It was messy, but the results look awesome. I’m sure the neighbors are happy!


Begonia's I planted

Well guys, on to the workout update.

This Muscle Mania May update isn’t going to impress anyone.
 I have been LAZY the past few days. I haven’t worked out since last Wednesday, which means I have taken 4 days off!!
But since redid our landscaping one of those days, I guess I haven’t been lazy the entire time.
It is what it is! I’m making up the workouts I missed this week, and I’ll be finished MM on Saturday instead of Friday like I intended. No big deal.
Monday May 20- 34 pushups, 60 sit ups, 50 sec side plank and C25K 3-2 did it.
Tuesday May 21- 65 crunches, 115 star jumps, 60 sec plank and 30DS 2-3 did it.
Wednesday May 22- 38 pushups, 65 lunges, 65 squats, and C25K 3-3 did it.
Thursday May 23- 70 sit ups, 70 squats, 70 sec side plank. Nope. Didn’t do it.
Friday May 24- 40 pushups, 130 star jumps, 75 lunges. Nope, didn’t do it.
Saturday May 25- 80 squats, 80 crunches, 80 sec plank. Nope. Didn’t do it.
Sunday May 26- 45 pushups, 85 squats, 85 lunges. Nope, didn’t do it.
I know. I know. The whole last half of that list is a FAIL. I’ve added the missed workouts into this week’s schedule and I’ll end up finishing on Saturday June 1.

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