Sunday, May 12, 2013

Freakin Weekend

Went to Waffle House Friday morning. I haven't been there in years. Last time I went I was with beej, and we had just been to a third eye blind concert at Minglewood Hall. Probably in 2010. 

After some running around town we went fishing. BJ caught a catfish and I didn't catch anything. I also forgot to wear sunscreen. Fail. 

 I did my muscle mania workout but not the c25k I added on top, after being in the sun all afternoon it felt impossible. 

Friday night we watched Dexter season 4. Catching up! It was a pretty uneventful evening.

Saturday was a productive day. We watched the new episode of the office and wasted enough time to where we ended up not going to the farmers market like I hoped. Maybe next time! 

We cleaned the house, like pros, even reorganized the kitchen cabinets like I've been wanting to do. 

Then I had a proposition. 

Me: wanna play a game? 
BJ: sure what do you wanna play? 
Me: It's called workout. I'll be the trainer. 
BJ: (laughs and rolls eyes)

Then we worked out! 

Meaning, I chased my husband around the neighborhood: 

But for real. 

Here was my Saturday workout:

BJ did some star jumps and squats with me. And he counted my sit ups. They were hell.  

So was the running. IT IS SO DAMN HOT ALREADY in Arkansas. We did it, but not without wanting to die. 

Then we gave Jeff a hair cut. This is after we rinsed him off, in freak out mode. He looks/feels so much better now. 

Then we got in the shower and went to a movie at the discount theater. We saw the Tina Fey movie Admissions. It was a little more emotional than funny, but an okay movie. Only cost us $4 to get in. 

Today is Sunday, Mother's Day. I'll be posting about today's activities later in the week. Hope your weekend is rockin y'all. 

Muscle mania update tomorrow!! Laters. 

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Lauryn Roth said...

awe i love hearing about weekends! sounds so fun. love me some waffle house too. I know you enjoyed your hubby being home!