Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Food lately May 2013

My BFF Amy texted me on Sunday wanting some ideas for her grocery list, so I sent her a bunch of ideas and photos, and figured I'd share those ideas with y'all.

For breakfast I've been having these Luna bars with a banana and coffee. They're really tasty, and sometimes I have them for dessert too.

I tried this quinoa last week and I really loved it.  It's mixed with brown rice, easy to make and really yummy. It'd be good mixed with some broccoli. 

Snack or part of a lunch--hummus and pretzels. 

Found these the other day at the store--the chocolate/coffee combo kind of covers up the sourness of the Greek yogurt.  They're mini containers sold in packs of four in the yogurt section.

Work snack! 120 calories for the whole can. I keep some in the fridge so it's cold and ready to eat.

Work lunch! There's a few of these meals that I love. I like this one with some salsa.

Love the raspberry flavor of these frozen Greek yogurts. I had one with a piece of Hershey chocolate the other night and it was SO GOOD. 

Other stuff I've been loving lately (that I don't have pictures of) are Green Giant broccoli steamer bags, bananas and avocados, peanut butter/banana/honey on bread or steel cut oats, and veggie trays from the produce section that come with a little cup of ranch. 

Hope that gives you some ideas! Check back tomorrow for Weigh in Wednesday!!

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Lauryn Roth said...

I LOVE the new blog look girl its super cute!!! love the ideas for food too just in time for me to go grocery shopping, holla!!!