Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Farewell to WIW

Hey guys.

I've been thinking about this for a few weeks, and today will be the last Weigh in Wednesday post.


Besides the fact that Erin is giving the link up away, I've decided to not focus on the scale as much.

The scale is still hidden, and I don't miss it... honestly.  It's nice not getting mad/discouraged by a number that may or may not reflect my efforts.

I'll be replacing Wednesday posts with (most likely) another link up, but  I haven't decided on what yet.

I've stayed on track with my catch-up Muscle Mania May workouts this week, so I'm still on track to finish out the month this weekend. I haven't done anything else besides MM this week though (no shred or c25k) so in June I think I may simplify my life and stick to running and shredding.

I thought about doing a plank or squat challenge in June, but the MM schedule has me doing a 2 minute plank and like 150 squats later this week seems pointless to start a challenge that starts at a 20 sec plank and 10 squats.

Instead of the scale, I think I'm going to change my focus more to eating real food and getting stronger. I'm more than halfway to my goal weight, and while I'd love to be at that weight immediately, I'd rather get there in a slow, healthy way and not end up being a weak 130-135 pound girl.

So I'm going to start focusing more on building up my running (lets be real here, JOGGING) endurance and building muscle (the lean girl kind of muscle, not the body building kind) rather than whether my weigh is up or down or if that beer will make the scale jump tomorrow or whether the shred is making me gain muscle weight or if its just from my period.....if you're a girl you get the point.

Last time I weighed I was at 156-157 ish. That's a far cry from the 185 I was last year.

I'll weigh myself again at some point, just not anytime soon.

If you want to see all of my WIW posts from when it started in January, click here.

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Jess @ Operation Skinny Jeans said...

Good for you! I have such a love hate relationship with that thing!

You could link up with Skinny Meg's Work Out Wednesday! It's lots of fun.

Operation Skinny Jeans