Saturday, May 18, 2013

Crest strips

I had a $7 off coupon for some crest white strips. So pumped. 

My mom gave me some mulah to go buy some, and they were $49.97 or something cray like that.  No wonder the dang coupon was $7 off. It shoulda been like $10 off [or more] in my opinion. 

I checked out the equate brand, just to see if I was actually getting a deal with the Crest. And I was! There was only 5 top/5 bottom strips for $19.97. 

What? That ain't even gonna help me. 5 sessions. Lets be real, I drink a lot of coffee and red wine. 

Equate, $19.97 for five sessions.

The crest brand, while more than double that price, had FIVE TIMES MORE STRIPS. 25 top/25 bottom.

25 sessions. That's what I'm talking about. (normally it comes with 20 sessions, but I caught it at the 25% more time and got an extra five sets of strips)

Crest, $49.97 for twenty five sessions = BEST DEAL

And since I'm using these strips, I had to switch back to Sensodyne toothpaste from my regular ol' Colgate. This is because when I use whitening strips my teeth get CRAZY sensitive at the most random times. Even when I'm trying to sleep. Annoying as hell. 
If you have problems with sensitive teeth I recommend you try this toothpaste. Works wonders for me. $4.92 for a tube, but if your teeth hurt when you drink cold water it's worth it. 

So my total was $47.47. I thought it would be less than that because of my coupon--but look at the freaking tax! $4.50?? That's almost as much as my coupon! Ugh. Whatever. Glad my momma helped me out. 

I took a before picture. If there's miraculous results I'll share. Duh! 
Have a good weekend, laters y'all. 

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