Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WIW I feel like crap!

Sorry this post is up so late today guys. Today was real crappy. I just wanted to be at home all day. I had tummy troubles at work and I'm still getting over some allergy ish issues I guess. So I just felt gross all day. Plus I didn't sleep well due to my snoring husband and my dog who likes to LOUDLY lick his front paws. Just a crappy day as a whole.

As you know I'm not weighing in until April 17, so I have no actual weigh in to give you.

I do have good news! I've stuck to my water and my calories this week so far. Wahoo!!! Monday I cleaned my moms house for 3 hours so I didn't do an official workout. Yesterday and today I've felt like hell with my stuffy nose and sneezing. So. Although the official workouts haven't started yet----I've gotten my food under control----which is such a BIG victory because that's what I struggle with the most!!!

There's your update y'all. Now I'm gonna take a nap. At 7 pm. Don't judge me.

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