Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday: Starbucks and Fish Oil

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Let's get to it.

I weighed in at 157.8 this morning. Sunday I weighed 156.0 though, so I believe the shred is working its muscle magic. Either way, that's way better than the 160-161 I left off at last month before I hid the scale.

Speaking of the shred, I'm halfway through level one! That means level one isn't as hard now as it was at the beginning. I'm so ready to move on to level two though, because hearing Jillian say the same thing over and over is getting crazy annoying.

what I used to get...

So.... I went to Starbucks yesterday and got a skinny iced caramel latte. It was really low in calories (I use their app to get the nutrition info..that's where the screen shot above came from) and so I decided to look at the calorie count for what I used to get back in college/grad school---a venti iced white chocolate mocha.

That thing had friggin 610 calories in it. WHAT THE HELL. (....they are SO good) BUT STILL. What the hell? I was basically paying my local starby's rent/light bill with how much $$$ I was throwing at them. I was drinking those daily. If I was writing a paper or studying for an exam sometimes I would have two--one in the am and one in the pm when I was headed home to study--with extra shots of espresso.

But of course, the extra espresso wasn't the real problem. The syrup, sugar, whipped cream and 2% milk was the problem. That goes to show how oblivious I was to what I was consuming. That's just ridiculous, money and calorie wise. Come on Samantha! So smart but so dumb sometimes. No wonder I gained 20-30 lbs in late college/grad school.

Lately, I've been making a smoothie after I workout. And I have to say its pretty awesome ...and way better for you than a venti iced white chocolate mocha.

One banana
8 oz light chocolate almond milk
A little leftover coffee
2-3 ice cubes

I break the banana in chunks and put all the ingredients in my magic bullet cup. Blend it until the ice is blended in well. Then I pour it into a real cup and drink up!

I've been putting less coffee in lately because I realized I was wired for while after drinking it. I keep leftover coffee in a hot & sour soup takeout container because it has a lid and I don't care if the coffee stains it.

This smoothie is way easier for me to drink than one with lots of frozen ingredients. It's cold and creamy but not frosty--I love it!! And it's real low in calories. Under 200 depending on what kind of chocolate milk... and how big of a banana you have. Ha.

Lastly, I heard a rumor if you store your fish oil pills in the freezer that the aftertaste thing won't happen. I tried it, and although they look freaky it's true.

left: normal, right: frozen

My dr told me to take them last year after I had a physical and my blood work wasn't perfect. I had high triglycerides. I didn't buy the expensive ones that have a coating to prevent aftertaste, because I couldn't bring myself to do it. So I ended up with a twin pack of huge bottles that I didn't like to take. Since I didn't like them, I quit after my lipid panel came back fine at my follow up appointment. It's probably best I keep taking them due to my family history of heart problems though, so it seems the freezer is my solution.

Besides fish oil, I take a prenatal gummy vitamin. Those are way easy to take because they're like candy.

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Limefreckle said...

I'm trying to do smoothies every day for breakfast. A holistic nutritionist told me to put "udo's" oil in the smoothie (a blend of EFA's) and I do that....can't even taste that's a good way to get those EFA's in!!

Thanks for the tip on the fish oil...will have to try that!