Monday, April 1, 2013

This is not a joke

It's April 1 y'all, so watch out for the dbags in your life. They're probably up to something.

Jokes aside, it's time to get back on track.

April starts on a Monday (today) and there's thirty days in this month. It's the perfect time in my overly organized brain to quit eating cheeseburgers, fries and tacos.

Here's the plan:

I'll be posting "Back on Track April" updates every Monday. WIW will still be going up on Wednesdays and any other days will be general posts.
You can find my pictures on Instagram at @samsmithgriffin or #backontrackapril

Stay under 1400 calories during the week, with cheat days on Saturdays (unless I need to switch it for some reason). And 6-8 cups of water eerrday y'all.

Jillian 30DS DVD, I plan on probably having one rest day a week. So the majority of the DVD should be completed by May. Might go jogging in my neighborhood, but that'll just be extra.

And that's all it takes y'all. Conscious food choices and the determination to make yourself workout. Time to get back on it!!


Alicia said...

You can do it.... I need to get back on track too!

Samantha Griffin said...

Thanks Alicia!!