Friday, April 19, 2013

my experience with generic Seasonale

This post obviously talks about my experience with having a period while on generic Seasonale. There’s your warning.
Last July, I decided I wanted to switch birth control pills. I wasn’t ‘unhappy’ with what I was on, but I wanted to try one of those where you have your period every three months. So at my annual, when she asked me if I was still liking my pills, I said yes but I think I’d like to try Seasonale or something similar. She was enthusiastic, said ok, and wrote me an Rx for the generic. I made sure she thought that was a good idea for me, she said yes, and I was looking forward to only having a period every 3 months. And of course, only refilling an Rx every 3 months.

She warned me there would be some spotting at first, but not to get discouraged.
First pack of pills, I had my period every month like I was supposed to even though I was on these pills. That was okay, it was the first pack, and I expected that. That was August-October.
The second pack of pills was worse. October-January. I spotted on and off, and when it actually came time for my period it was so awful—as bad as it was when I was a pre-teen—which was the reason my parents started me on birth control in the first place. I got sick to my stomach, cramps that make my whole body stay tense, and more blood than a girl should have to deal with.
February-April, third pack of pills. February started out fine, after the hell of a period I had just gone through at the end of January. So, so far there’s been 6 months of hell, after only wanting hell every three months. I was about to just give in. The gyno nurse calls me to give me the results of my latest pap (I had to go every three months after I had a colposcopy…that’s another post) and so I asked her about it. She acted like that was normal.
I guess having to buy 3x the amount of tampons/pads/panty liners, worrying about randomly starting your period and messing up your cute new VS panties, having cramps on and off all month even when you weren’t spotting, and feeling like you have to warn your husband what’s going on before anything fun happens (lucky for me it’s NBD) <---------------- all of that must be normal and what EVERYONE who has been on this pill for 6 months has said. If that’s really the case, I don’t see how that shit sells.
Well, then March happened. I started my period March 2, right before me and BJ’s 2 year anniversary B&B getaway. Eff.
Speed forward to March 23, and I’m still on my period. Granted it had been on/off daily, but it was definitely 3 weeks of dealing with a period. I hadn’t thought about how long it had been because I was so used to spotting/having random periods. It was BJ that noticed.  3 constant weeks of dealing with that crap. Thankfully, it eased up for a week or two at the end of March/early April. I called my gyno nurse and requested to be put on whatever I was on before I switched. After NINE MONTHS of waiting for it to get better, I had finally had enough.
I took my last pill last Saturday --April 13. Then all hell broke loose. I started the worst period of my post-teen life. The amount of blood loss was startling. BJ is pretty sure at this point I’m anemic. After all of March’s period fiasco and now this, I’ve been consistently losing blood. Obviously nothing life threatening, but not normal either. It was enough to make me feel like hell. No energy, always cramping, stomach issues. With all these symptoms, especially how weak I’ve felt lately, and with the MONTHS I’ve been dealing with a period—I believe him. I've been trying to ignore it, thinking if I could just get through the next pack, or the next pack, it'd be great. Smooth sailing.
That obviously didn't get to happen. I AM DONE. I HAVE HAD IT. Enough already, GEEZ.
Thank god I have a pack of regular birth control pills waiting on me to start on Sunday, or I’d be flipping out.
In short, I wasted nine months of my life being on a constant watch for my period and battling the worst cramps and mood swings I’ve had since I was 14-15 years old. Think long and hard before you try to make a change like that. It doesn’t work for everyone. Even if the next pack would’ve worked like a charm I don’t think I’d be able to keep going to find out.

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EmDub @ Faster In Water said...

That sounds terrible! It's just like drugs to have side effects that are worse than what they are treating (in some cases). Sorry you had to go through that!