Wednesday, April 17, 2013

BOT April

[I need y'all to know I published this on Monday 4/15/13 but the Blogger app failed to work, so it's just now going up. Sorry guys. I only THOUGHT I was on top of things. Thanks again, blogger app]

Things have been going well y'all! I worked out three times last week! Two outside walk/jogs and one 30DS workout. I also stayed under my calories during the week.

Over the weekend I planned on working out once, but I ended up cleaning the house for like 3 hours and decided to count that as a workout. Because by cleaning I mean regular cleaning plus cleaning out closets---goodwill donation pile style.

Today I'm working on getting the museums collection (where I work) into a collection management software. We're closed, so I don't have to worry about people or phones. Soooo I've already got my workout clothes on and I plan on doing 100 wall push ups today spread out between bathroom breaks. We'll see if I can keep count. That's usually where my problem lies. Counting.

I'll probably do 30DS when I get home. Because I've got some events coming up in the next few months that I'd rather not looks like a chunk at.

Yes I ended that sentence with 'at,' what ya gonna do?

Lastly, I will not being posting my weigh in number this week as planned for WIW ...because I evidently didn't plan it very well. It's TOM and so it won't be realistic. So I'm not going to post it like that's an official weigh in after a month off. I know the suspense is killing you.

All pictures are at the bottom of this post because the blogger app sucks.

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Picture explanations:

I made a "light" buffalo chicken pizza on Sunday. Wheat crust. Light sour cream mixed with ranch seasoning for the sauce, rotisserie breast meat with franks and 'I can't believe it's not butter' spray. Mozzarella and some scallions. Poured some extra franks on top after it baked. Yum.

And I went down a size in bras. My left (larger) boob wanted to protest, because its the bigger of the pair and swears it needs more room, but it went into the D bra after some adjusting. My right boob (the favorite of the pair) is a perfect D now. Thank goodness. I hope by the time I'm at goal that they're BOTH down to a C. I'd be a happy gal! (Ya hear that leftie? Get with the program.)

I'm going to have to post about my birth control fiasco soon. No I'm not pregnant.

Thanks for reeeaaaaaadingggg my lovely visitors!!! Y'all make my day better.


Lauryn Roth said...

GIRL did u stop doing google?? I am so confused i had no idea you were blogging because it wasnt showing up to me?!!?!? Ok that pizza looks amazeballs and yay for new bras!!!

EmDub @ Faster In Water said...

haha glad you have a favorite boob. That cracks me up!